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    [Fire] Is it just me or...

    Recently I came back to WOW after a while, then I played my firemage and noticed something was off, the animation in the hands, the fire that your hands glow with when you cast a fire spell was white or green ish and very lacking, like it was bugged, is it just me or did blizz screw up our hand animations?

    It looks like this

    I changed to arcane because I cant stand it, but still it happens on scorch,fireball, pyroblast, anything with a cast time, and it happened when MoP launched
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    if it isn't constant it might be a trink, if not it's a random bug. i haven't seen it though
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    Do you have the Darkmoon trinket? I've seen it do funny things to other spells, like make arcane explosion a color you might be describing.

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    Nope, i have no trinkets, my mage is low level

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    low spell graphics settings . check those .
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    Checked, its in ultra and it still happens

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    Same here. Seen it on locks Hellfire spell aswell.

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    I've also noticed that sometimes my Ice Barrier graphic doesn't show. I'll have the buff, but no actual bubble around my character. And not just on my screen either. SOme group members couldn't see the bubble either, while some could. Def buggy

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