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    Good freaking hell..

    In just 2 short weeks, CoD BO 2, surpasses the 1 BILLION in gross sales mark... just holy freaking crap, Batman..


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    I'll never understand why people like that series.

    Still, impressive achievement I guess.
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    ^ The above should be taken with two grains of salt and a fistful of "chill the F* out".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Profyrion View Post
    I'll never understand why people like that series.
    Few reasons. 1. It's adapted a yearly refresh ala EA sports franchises. 2. It's easy to pickup, learn and play. 3. The amount of marketing in absolutely mind-boggling insane; high profile actors, commercials, etc. 4. MP can at times be highly competitive (many may beg to differ but I personally do not see where the competition is). 5. It's the same thing everyone likes to see from the game - albeit different change of atmosphere, characters, etc.

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