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    Windows 8 and USB 2.0 problems

    I have recently bought/built a new computer and installed Windows 8.

    The boot time + windows loading time is around 6-10 seconds but unfortunately somehow the USB ports initialize in Windows much later - after another 10 seconds or so - making the fast windows loading time pretty much useless if you can't use your mouse or keyboard. Also the mobo drivers installed correctly so I don't know what to think...

    At the boot time the keyboard works just fine - so it's not a faulty mobo USB ports problem - you can enter the bios etc.

    Did anyone had this problem or might have heard about a fix ?

    USB Mouse: Steelseries Xai laser
    USB Keyboard: Logitech G110


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    make sure that your BIOS is up to date with the latest version

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    Try this one: Enter your BIOS and check that you have enabled the use of USB Mouse/keyboard.

    Sounds to me like your (old) version of BIOS has that option turned off so USB controllers activate after you enter the Windows environment

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    I have updated the BIOS to the latest version, also checked all the USB settings in BIOS but the problem persisted.

    Then I had the inspiration to check if not one of the USB devices is to be blamed... and indeed it was.. the Xai mouse was causing all the trouble. With it removed the USB keyboard + USB Hdd initialize instantly in Win8.

    Upon searching on the Internet I found other users having the same or similar issues:


    So far I couldn't find a fix for it

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