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    Ignored user's threads still show up in forum feed on frontpage

    I have a certain user put on ignore. I obviously did this to prevent everything s/he contributes to not show up for me. Unfortunately though his/her threads still show up in your forum's feed on the frontpage. While i do not mind that per se it would still be nice to at least have some kind of indicator to show that a thread was created by a user on one's ignore list.

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    I believe making a separate indicator for the users you've ignored is a waste of time. That specific user won't waste his time making threads for the sake of making you rage at the screen anyway. If s/he makes a thread and you click on it by mistake, you can easily press the [Back] button. (or take advantage of the mouse gestures if you're using opera ^.^ )

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    I'm quite aware of the fact that this user is not making threads just to spite me or anyone else for that matter. Of course I can (and am) just closing the tab as soon as I see that a thread was created by him, but I feel it would be optimal if the need to close the thread didn't even need to arise by simply not making me open it.
    It is not a major concern of mine, just a little nuisance, but seeing that the feed for me personally is basically my entry point to the forums and therefore the major source of forum information for me it makes me question the use of the ignore function if it is not doing what I expect it to do, that is helping me to avoid that particular user.

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    The ignore function will only ignore posts created by that user, not entire threads. I believe the reasoning behind this is that you still may want to be involved in a discussion point their thread makes, but not be involved in a direct discussion with that particular user, and if the entire thread were hidden, you may miss out on something interesting
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    I see your point and can agree, but what about an indicator? This way the thread will still be shown but it creates the possibility of actually choosing to join the discussion or abstain from it instead of just being thrown into cold water.
    The sole reason I ignored that user was because he keeps making (in my opinion) completely asinine threads that i would rather not join and if the ignore function does not help me ignore him it renders it completely useless for me.
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