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    Pvp level 50 wz unbalanced

    For months now I have been playing pvp on server TOFN - and it is alarmingly apparent that there is a massize sway in terms of domination in favour of rep. I have raised this point before and its been shrugged off, but this problem is a very real problem and needs to be addressed. Right now its grown to an outbreak of infectious frustration throughout the server, so much so that EMP's are regularly complaining about it in general chat. People are giving up almost the instant fights start as reps take dominance almost the instance the fight starts. This is not just somehing that happens once or twice a night or week. This is every night! - I have logged in for the last 2 months every night and played about 15 matches, and im very lucky to win 1 in 10 - thats 60 nights 600 matches and 60 wins in 600 if that! -

    People can argue, its skill etc etc, and if thats the case then rep have all the skill and emp have none because the reality is were slaughterd every single night. I was talking to a freind on the rep and naturally they say its great he says he wins 9/10 matches, and hes no more skilled then I am. The problem is further compounded when rep due to their relentless victorys gear up faster which further amplifys the issue. Within a minute or two of playing any wz, its not long before Emps are arguing amongst themselves as rep usher in their overwhelming domminance to yet another humiliating defeat. Yeah their are the very odd ocasions where by luck emp side are blessed with a very strong team selection and we might give em a run for their money but my god, its an extreme effort and even if a win comes, its one born of sweat and tears a fight to the end, in which 20 defeats will follow suit, and so the vicious circle continues.

    I know people will argue there no problem on their servers and even the odd few from TOFN, who will be oblivious, but im talking level 50 solo PVP wz, any night you want logging 8/9pm and play 15 odd matches and tell me you dont feel the unbalance.

    I logging and I hear people venting their frustration, and the gloom on the faces of people before the wz starts with comments like - "SSDD" and another slaughter for the EMP - Players are so fedup they just stop and dont even contribute because it is pointless. 2/3 players a match quit in protest, and the emps fight on to imminant doom. I admire emps fighting spirit i truly do, but it never changes the outcome.

    I have no idea how this unbalance has come about, only that when people choose dark side they think DPS DPS, and when people choose REP LIGHT they think heal heal, and so theres your inbalance. Either that or theres some kinda appeal to rep side for better skilled players, but what ever the reason there is a very real issue, and right now its soo much so it actually puts me off logging, and im sure im not the only one. This is a critical time for the game where subs and numbers matter, and right now I see this as a big problem. Players should feel excited to log on, get home and play, right now im thinking god not another night of slaughter and frustration ill give it a miss. I find myself avioding pvp! A game should not make players feel this way in my view.

    If your not convinced then simple loging and play TOFN lvl 50 pvp solo que. I would simply not bring this issue up if I did not feel it was the biggest growing concern I have about this game.

    Sorry for the wall of words but sense my frustration....
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    There is no game imbalance, but individual servers will have skill/gear imbalances. Have you tried joining a pvp guild or doing pre-mades?

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    The problem is your faction and the people on it. Not anything else.

    The W/L ratio alone says that.

    And you must be exaggerating like mad, because i'm definitely not winning more than 60% of my played Warzones when queueing solo as a Republic player on that server.
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    Probably gear imbalance that started somewhere with Illum and the old random battlemaster rewards and then grew from there. Kind of the other way around on Progenitor. Here the Imp side somewhat dominates.
    Might be the republic just has a lot of premades, maybe there is a lot of organization going on. I highly doubt your little problem springs from an imbalance in healers alone.

    Tip: Reroll a toon and play sub-50 PVP. Sometimes your team is frustratingly stupid but sometimes you actually have fun.

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    this is probably the most pvp balanced mmo i have ever played. the only problem i have seen is mara/sent having way too much survivability.
    -Make their 1 min bubble a 2 min cd, or have to spec into it to make it a shorter cd, like pyro powertechs.
    -Id personally remove the immunity bubble but that seems unfair, so go with a 50% dmg reduction instead of 99%

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    pvp can be a frustrating experience at times ... but I see a clue in your statments ...

    people before the wz starts with comments like - "SSDD" and another slaughter for the EMP - Players are so fedup they just stop and dont even contribute because it is pointless. 2/3 players a match quit in protest
    really hard to win when people give up in spirit before they start, don't use any strategy, or you get even 1 afk vs a good team.

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    Hi Guys, apreciate the comments all valid, however anyone would find it hard to feel motivated when every night you loging enthusiatic and after 8/9 defeats you become fedup, like nothing you can do makes any difference. I agree that the unbalance is not class related as when faced with a rep 1v1 out in the world ill usualy kill them. The server has not always been like this its only been in the last 3/4 months and its gotton to the pointnow where im just not looking forward at all to pvp, and i just get my daily and im done, because no one likes to keep loosing but its rare, emp win unless were faced with EMP VS EMP then its balanced, and its a good fight.

    If I could I would transfer my char to a server where the balance is more level in PVP, right now I think the only answer is premade which is a great shame, as its not always that easy to loging and get a full 8 players, exactly at the time you wish todo pvp, as some like to do their dailys, heroics etc.

    Someone said I'm exaggerating like mad, and my response to that is no, I have better thing todo then think of ways to waste peoples time. I have suffered with this landslide rep dommination for months on end. Its just a tremendous shame is all as does not promote a healthy game experience when you need 9 victorys for your weekly but it can take 100 trys to complete.
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