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    A bit worried. (dps help)

    So my guild is re-evaluating all of our dps and I'm worried that I'm gonna get put in the second group. I've read the guides. Regemmed and Reforged so many times and my dps is still low. I ran a sim on my current gear on Saturday and it said mastery was better than haste, ran a sim again tonight after changing nothing and it said haste is better than mastery. I have no idea what I could be doing different or what I'm not doing.

    My Armory:

    Some recent logs:

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    Convert to the way of the scumbag dps and learn to pad meters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlrW0MY_n7g

    I do that for bosses on that are farm and I usually rank top 100 for my class on WoL. When your guild tries to demote you, link them all your high WoL parses and your spot will be safe.

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    can't really say as i m not playing DW, but maybe your priority is off? i just compared few fights, feng and protectors normal, i had roughly 10k more dps than you as a 489 2H... looking bit more in your logs, i ll take feng fight as example as with current gear it is pure nuke fight. in a 5:23 fight you only casted 4 PoF, where there should be 6 casts. used only 1 SRs, it shouldnt be problem for you as a DW. thats what i noticed, i dunno if you re prepoting etc, and what is your priority as i dont play DW

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    Your DPS on Spiritbinder is a bit low. If you run simulation then check what DPS should you pull as well, on Spiritbinder I find myself based on the simmed DPS for it to be inflated due to the fact that we kinda own as a class in the totem realm on the adds.

    That being said my gear is about 492 equiped and I have Sha 2h axe with the gem in it, upgraded 1/2. My DPS on that encounter was about 100k and I have died at about 5% due to having the doll on me and ran out of CD's.

    On the matter haste/mastery for DW yes I have seen pre. 5.1. patch that also. When I was DW simm tried to put me into a sweet spot for haste to mastery ratio of 1:1, if you go one over the other it will reflect in the simmed value. But in the long run, mastery is still better due to the fact that it scales more your HwB then haste does your attack speed/FS extra hit. Not to mention that when moving you can easy HwB on the run.

    ps: Ah and another note, Spiritbinder is a bad encounter to test DPS and you will never see your real DPS unless it's on your metter. Since once you go inside a totem each metter doesn't track that if you are outside and vice-versa. Best way to compare in this encounter is to have people linking there own damage and dps.

    And I doubt they will ditch you as DK's are strong in almost/if not all the encounters so far. And now past mage nerf, unless you can even outdps them.
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    not sure how you're doing your priority, as i can't really tell that from WoL can't help much with that either, i play UH. anyway, i'll point out a few things i noticed, based on your Feng record

    A) you're prepotting with army, great. what your not doing is lining up your second pot with hero, that makes a big difference.
    B) it looked like you didnt pop ghoul as often as possible. with a 5min fight, you should get 3 pops, it looks like you only had it out twice.
    C) not entirely sure for this one, but it looked like you were sitting on KM procs for too long sometimes. could be a GCD issue, but i dunno

    one other thing, you might wanna try blood tap. it will let you burn more unholy runes, and not have to care about gaming to avoid them, as it repops them as a death rune, so you can just burn it for a HB. plague leech as well, you can press it for a death rune when your blood plague is about to run out, it'll either give you a free death rune because outbreak was on cd, or give you a free rune to spend to plague strike the blood plague back on, and HB is part of your main dmging skills, so getting frost fever back on isn't an issue.

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