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    Wintergrasp and CRZ---Missed Opportunity?

    I was fairly excited to hear that Wintergrasp guards vehicles and (I think) walls were scaled up for level 90 players, however it seems that CRZ is not being used in WG, resulting in (at least on my server) ~5v5 WG...not fun or interesting at all. I play on a fairly high pop server with a relatively balanced faction pop, but still WG is dead. Of course Blizzard can't really force people in there, but one would think that CRZ could be utilized to repopulated WG battles to a decent size. Now I may be wrong, and perhaps CRZ is being used and for some reason it just isn't affecting my server, or maybe there just aren't enough players to pull together for battles.

    Many people are up in arms over CRZ, but it seems like this is one zone where it could be effectively used to little or no negative effect, yet WG remains dead. Kind of a shame. Has anyone seen anything indicating that CRZ is or will be used to get WG battles going again? Is WG already vibrant again on anyone's server?
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    I agree, it is dumb and another wasted opportunity.

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    It seems a waste of time to rescale WG and not open it to CRZ or make it a queue-able BG. I don't know if they somehow felt constricted by VoA availability?

    Disappointed. I find it a pretty fun BG when both sides have decent numbers.

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    WG was way better than TB. I would definitely do it again if it had a respectable amount of players.

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