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    Requesting help with TellMeWhen addon :3

    Trying to track my Blood Tap charges on my DK when I am in combat. I have it configured as a reactive buff right now, but the icon for it persists out of combat, do not like that at all. Also I want an icon for Soul Reaper to pop up at a certain health threshold and I can see a cooldown spiral on it. If anyone can help me out that would be appreciated.

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    I'd advise ya to ask the project manager at the curse page, he's a top notch guy who can help you out the best and very quick. Post your export strings for him to speed up the process

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    Although I have been known to stumble around these forums too

    Indeed, though, as Elrandir said, the best place to ask for help is at http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tellmewhen
    Author of TellMeWhen and many other useful and helpful addons such as SpeedyLoad.

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