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    too late?

    i recently quit raiding and i am leveling my druid . 80 now

    i want to compete to get at least 2k rating but the problem is i missed on 2 months of gearing + upgrades.

    too late for me?? for this season

    so i mean is it too late to play pvp competitively in this patch ?

    Feral spec if it is relevant

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    no one replying ?
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    Too late I'm afraid. Especially with the upgrades now. Wait til next season.

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    You can always hope that:

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    We may see some changes in the future to make things better for people who PvP on multiple characters, as far as earning Conquest Points goes.

    is implemented before season ends and can help people like you who want to start PvP'ing mid-season. Cap every week in 2s anyway, it doesn't take long. If you do RBGs at 2200+ you'll probably be able to catch up too.

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    Too late, don't bother.

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    Unfortunately it is late for this season.

    But you'll get prepared for the next season in terms of getting comfortable with the class and maybe even raising your ratings so that you can find good partners right away when the next season starts.

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