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    Bind to acc items - ranged

    So im leveling serval chars in same time, mostly on double exp thru rested, dinged 90 on few and now it came to hunter and what i noticed there is no single range wep for hunters in whole game that is bind to acc and is usable from 85 to 90... we have blue daggers,spears,staffs,swords,maces even caster swords tha are bind to acc.

    Im pretty sure that ther eis no any of that kind of wep tho i might be wrong so if anyone know if there is such thing lemme know plz... i checked Lost and Found archiv and, archeology, since i belive those are only two ways of getting those type of items atm.

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    there was a data mined item during the final weeks of the beta for a ranged bow. but for whatever reason it didnt make the final cut. sucks for us hunters as we always get left out some how.
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    i dont think there is any boa ranged weps. u might be able to find an epic boe crossbow that drops from a rare in jade forest called fishsticker crossbow, it can be used at 85.

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    I'm pretty sure you are correct. The new BOA blues scattered throughout the continent are cool, but Hunters got stiffed. But hey, look on the bright side. there are 4 Agility Polearms. And an Agility Staff too! (2 if you count the Inscription one). And no Int weapons except staves and a sword. So yeah, the weapons are fine and all, but the slots they chose to create are just crazy.

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