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    crossrealm zones no longer?

    I have a character on Twisting Nether. The Horde faction is crowded but the Alliance faction is basicly empty. 99%-1% or something along those lines. I used to go to Elwynn to pick some fights with people there, and that worked because Elwynn was crossrealm and there were always many people there. But since yesterday, when I go to Elwynn, there nobody there. It seems like the crossrealm zone thing doesn't work anymore? What happened?

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    It was the opposite yesterday on Shandris. More people from other realms. I think CRZ caused the realm players to move to Stormwind instead. Shandris is a quiet and insular realm, and the CRZ newness wore off. Used to see a lot of dueling outside Stormwind, but that too is gone.
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