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    [H]10M<Premeus><Outland> Recruiting for raiding!

    I would like to introduce to you <Premeus>, an entirely newly found guild. Focusing on Player versus Environment. The goal is to set up a community in which you enjoy playing, whilst ensuring raid progress for those interested, in a timely matter.

    One could describe us as a semi-hardcore guild, while also hoping to provide the whole package for casual players next to our raiding schedule. All this in the near future. To realize this we have set up this website and a Ventrilo account already, all we need now is players. Trustworthy, decent and skilled players who share our fairly straight-forward mindset.

    About the founders; right now the management team of <Premeus> consists of three players who have experience raiding and leading a group dating to the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft.

    Raiding day are on Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays, 19:30-23:00

    As for recruitment, we are currently open to pretty much any class with the exception of Shamans and Guardian Druids.
    We are mostly in need of:
    1 dps with good Off-spec healing
    4 dps(1 melee 3 ranged)

    Visit our website at "premeus.enjin.com/home" to find additional information and to apply if we made you interested.
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