I have come back to WoW seeing as there is a 10 day free trial for MoP i've downloaded Cata from battle.net and at the end of patching to 4.0.X it then brings up a an Installer for MoP. I get this error.

not found any solutions online battle.net support says turn off firewall i have. I'm on Uni net so could be ports but i cant do anything about that. But seems strange that i can download WoW,TBC, WotLK and Cata but not MoP.

I have an image of the error but i cant post links -.-'

Failed to download a required installation file(http dist.blizzard.com.edgesuite.net/wow-pod/installData.Master.3a/Win/wow_enus_disk_unencrypted_migrate_win.blob)
Please check your internet connection