Cartel Market

New Items:
- The Valiant Jedi and Sith Raider armor sets are now available for 1440 Cartel Coins each.

- 10% discount on Black Market Cartel Packs (162 coins), Crime Lord Cartel Packs (324 coins) and all Weekly Passes (216 coins per pass)
- 50% discount on the Rancor Holo-Replica (90 coins).

- The Improved Speeder Piloting I item included with the LD-1 Celebrator speeder now correctly reflects that the unlock is player-only and not account-wide.
- Some item names and descriptions have been updated for consistency and standardization.

- Elite War Hero Combat Tech and Combat Medic items now require the correct War Hero pieces for purchase.

Ancient Hypergate
- Text displayed during loading screens for this Warzone is now correct in French and German.

- Text for several missions, items, and tooltips introduced in Game Update 1.6 is now correct in French and German.
- The French and German commands for the /backflip, /superflex, /panic, /mourn, and /mock emotes now work correctly.