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    [A] The Zoo Draenor-EU is recruiting

    The Zoo [A] is 25 man raiding guild that has been around for more than 6 years on Draenor-EU. We focus on efficient 25-man raiding at “non-hardcore” raiding hours. Despite these "non-hardcore" raid hours we expect preparation and dedication from our raiders. Current progress: SoO normal 14/14 & 3/14hc

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 19.00-22.15 server time
    Thursday 19.00-22.15 server time
    Sunday 18.30-22.15 server time

    We are currently recruiting:

    DPS :
    All classes considered

    All classes (Druid/Monk preferred)

    Healer: (DPS off-spec preferred)
    All classes

    We are always interested in exceptional players, if your class isn't listed above you are still always welcome to contact us or put in an application.

    More info at or contact an officer on Draenor for a chat.

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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    Still looking for players to join us for SoO

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    Now 9/13hc, recruitment opened for a tank as well as any class healer

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    Looking particularly for a tank to join us in SoO (Druid/Monk preferred)

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    Still have spots for melee dps & tank - currently on last boss SoO... come join in time for hcs!

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    Still looking for 1 tank (druid/monk preferred) 1 healer and a couple of dps to join us in time for HC SoO.

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    with current 13/14 normal progression heroics are comming up very soon!

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    A tank is high on our wish list, preferably a druid or monk, but other tank classes will be considered as well

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    In addition to tank also on the look out for 1-2 dps (melee preferably, but good ranged applications will be considered)

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    Garrosh down so heroics comming up!

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    Currently looking for a Tank (High prio) a few DPS and 1 healer (Shaman pref) to join our SoO hc raiding team, come join the fun!

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    Starting Heroics tomorrow and still looking for those players above!

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    Still looking for good players to join our heroic progression!

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    Tank high on our priority list as one of our regular tanks need to quit due to RL

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    Still looking for a tank (high prio) Healer & a few Dps to boost our numbers.

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    Bumping - still looking for a tank etc

    - - - Updated - - -

    /wave - "over here"

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    Spots still open for tank, healer or dps apply now!

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    Currently still looking for a Tank (High prio) a couple of DPS and a Healer to join us in SoO hc, come join the fun!

    - - - Updated - - -

    We are recruiting spriest (along with many other classes too!) please note I am unable to reply to PMs on here but welcome to add my battletag: Teev#2444

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    2/14 heroic kills now

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    progress update 3/14 hc, still got open spots!

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