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    [H] Kazzak - Inviction - 10man - 11/13H ToT, 10/14H SoO


    We are currently looking for the following, but we still consider every application, and might still accept exceptional applications for a trial period.
    • 2x Ranged (Mage, Priest, Shaman, Warlock)

    Raiding Days
    • Monday 19:30 - 22:30
    • Wednesday 19:30 - 22:30
    • Sunday 19:30 - 22:30

    • Tier 14:
    • Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 HC
    • Heart of Fear - 5/6 HC
    • Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 Normal
      Tier 15:
    • Throne of Thunder - 11/13 Heroic
      Tier 16:
    • Siege of Orgrimmar - 10/14 Heroic

    About Us
    Inviction was created June 13th, 2011, by Cewlgrowth, Northstaate, Synthesiz & Kayn. Back then we were orignally named Stargaze.
    We were a 100% danish semi-hardcore guild, but has recently change into an international guild due to the lack of skilled danish players at our level. We aim too clear content before nerfs. We want to make a server ranking as high as possible, while keeping it at three days of raiding a week. While raiding we're all a bunch of goofys. We're having fun while clearing trash & bosses, aswell as remembering that we also have a content to clear. Therefor we're also very serious when it comes to progression. While progressing on bosses, we don't expect our raid-leaders alone to come up with constructive ideas or analyzing what causes the wipes. During progression everyone comes up with constructive comments and suggestions. This also makes us a very social guild, while raiding.

    Apart from our team, we've a lot of social members. And we're always happy to take in other people, who's just looking for a nice place to stay.
    As all guilds have a reputation on their respective server, we want to remind everyone that, trying to ruin this reputation even if it's not your intention, will result in an instant kick.

    We Expect That
    • You're able to make all three raiding days during the week. This meaning that you without any other important plans, will be able to raid any of the days
    • You've understanding for being set on standby for a boss or two
    • You've knowledge about all spec of your class, in case the spec becomes very useful
    • You're bringing your own consumables for every raid
    • You've Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone
    • You're patient and are willing to wipe for hours
    • You're not the yelling kind of person - The last thing we want during the raids is a bad mood
    • You're signing off on the forum everytime you can't make it to a raid
    • You're not too fixated on loot, prioritization of loot before the guild, isn't what we're looking for
    • You accept the fact that a trial period will consist of two or three weeks. We may recruit others meanwhile that may take your spot if we find that person more suitable. Meaning: "Fight for your spot"

    Loot Distribution
    We currently distribute our loot pieces through the use a Loot Council. Based on:
    • Weither healers, tanks or dps'ers benifits mosts of the piece while progressing.
    • Who the item will benifit most, compared with others that needs the items, Trade-off differences.
    • And of course, if you're trial- or raider-ranked. Raiders over trials. Obviously!
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