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    Achievement Points: Different numbers


    i wonder if anyone else noticed that there may appear a gap/difference in terms of the number of the achievement points a character has.
    For example:

    My Mainchar has 13670 achievement points according to the armory. In the guild list its only showing 13520 and on my character screen for achievements its showing another number which is even higher. Why is that? When a character, for example achieves the "Jack of all trades" achievement for 25 points, which character does get the 25 points? How do i find out the difference between these two numbers (guild and armory), or in other words, how do i find out which achievement my main character obviously has not been given credit for? Quite confusing... Any ideas?
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    The number on the armory is counting achievements you got on other characters. The number in your guild is counting only achievements you got on that character. The reason why the armory number is a bit lower than your ingame counter is because the armory has not got the 5.1 achievements added yet.

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