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    Garalon Dps Help

    My guild is currently working on normal mode garalon(i know we are a little behind) and I have been going back and forth with the hunter from the other raid group in the guild as to up my dps more effectively. I'm currently running BM for the fight but have been looking around and noticed that SV seems to be viable also because you don't need to have your pet running around the entire map. We are currently getting through the fight and hitting the enrage timer with about 5-7 percent to go so upping my dps and switching out some players could really help. So here is a link to my armory and a link to the latest log from last weeks attempts any pointers god or bad would be greatly appreciated. Also once you look at the logs our rogue refuses to play combat which is definitely hurting us.


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    stay bm, save ur bestial wrath for when a leg respawns right next to you and run into the weakspot circle and burst the leg.

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    I do that fight as Survival, but we use 2 tanks and 2 healers kiting(DPS was tight for my raid group, and we got it to work well like that).

    I personally wouldn't go BM on that fight, as Kill Commands wouldn't get the extra damage bonus if casted outside the circle. Also with Serpant Sting being buffed, Multi Shot spreading Serpant Sting would be better off(As for me it hits nearly the amount of one explosive shot tick). That and less pet AI dependant.

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    There is several things you can do.
    You can use 1 tank if the other one has an offspec
    You can go down to 2 healers given that they can heal the damage that's outgoing on this encounter.

    I'm usually Bm for this fight. I find that having your pet on the legs is quite effective when you're having any of the left legs up and it's far away/out of the edges. aMoC Is also something I love on this fight as they will be on the leg for the whole duration and doing quite some damage.
    However, when the legs are at sub 500k I'd advice you to start hitting on Garalon's body instead as in most cases the legs will "die" of dots anyway.
    I'd say. Have the rogue dk and you on the legs. while the others dps the body abit more.
    Save cooldowns for legs (Do not burn all your cd's in the start on 1 legs only)

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/z...?s=7387&e=7798 This is our logs from our Garalon Hc kill.(Ranked 1, woop) the fight is basically the same but was on Legs mostly, threw up Serpent sting whenever it was about to fall off
    Edit: Your enchant on gloves could be Mastery instead of haste
    Good luck
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    I have done this on heroic and did 120k dps as BM. All I did was prioritize the legs over the body, and always send my pet to them even if I could not move to the circle. BM is easily the best spec for this fight, contrary to what some people think. There are many times you may not be able to reach the legs. We generally stack all ranged and healers in the middle to help with healing. So I would basically just prioritize my damage on legs and send my pet over. Always step in the inner middle circles to boost your dps.

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    we originally were running with 2 healers and it was going well but was just a bit too much i imagine with a touch more gear they would be fine and then at that point the resto druid in our logs becomes a boomkin and its gg from there imo just due to the cross doting

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    You should have 1 tank only tbh, let the other "tank" be a holy paladin if you can, this way you'll get much more dps. Garalon isn't a fight where you can do much dps as a hunter, I don't even attack the legs unless they're close and I can "cleave" with Glaive Toss and roll SrS.

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    Absolutely stay Beast Mastery for this. I don't know why people are saying that hunters can't do much on this fight, as a good BM hunter can easily crank out 95k+ DPS.

    Kill Command does get the damage bonus when your pet is inside the circle and you are outside. All damage coming from him will. Make sure to Blink Strike and Kill Command the legs as they are up, keep your pet on passive and swap him to every single new leg. Try and stay in the circles yourself when they are near. BM's definitely the top spec for this without a doubt. I end up doing 6-7 million damage to the legs myself on a kill while my pet is doing 17-18 million on them, not counting Stampede pets or Dire Beast pets.

    You probably want to drop to 2 healers, though. It's very doable as long as the pheromone is handled properly.

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