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    60 is the max you can properly see.
    Any more and your computer is good, but you won't detect anything greater.
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    Cute, bullshits galore this whole thread.

    The human eye can easily notice a difference between both 30 and 60fps, and 60 and 120fps. Anyone saying anything else is either talking crap, or seriously need to have their eyes checked. That being said, the core component here is the monitor. If you got a standard monitor, it will display the image at 60hz, meaning that 60fps is the cap of useful fps. Anything over that is overrendering, seeing as how the monitor cant display any more. With a 120hz monitor that number climbs to 120fps.

    Put 2 identical high end computers next to eachother, both with a 120fps cap. One connected to a 60hz monitor, and one connected to a 120hz monitor. You WILL see a massive difference.

    For a PROPER AND SCIENTIFIC answer to the matter:

    Read that and get educated, hopefully the lot of you will stop spewing this crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentess View Post
    I'd argue we can. 60 FPS seems a lot smoother for our eyes than 30 does, so we can SEE a difference.
    no, we cant "see" a difference in this example, but yeah on the other hand you are right, some of us are sensitive enough to "sense" a difference, may it be headache throwing up or just sensing that there is a difference.

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    The more FPS you have, the more you see, and often the less tired you get while playing. There was a reason why old CS and quake players and stuff like that had insane FPS like 500-1000, since it removed delay and made it easier to hit. It was such a small improvement that it can barely be measured but it was there.

    I personally never with less than 60 fps in high graphic games, and when i play an FPS i can't hit shit with less than 60 fps.

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    Regardless of all the stupid 'the human eye cant see past x amount of fps' talk, if your monitor is 60hz(most likely) your wont see any difference past 60fps. If you happen to have a 120hz monitor (unlikely, unless sought after) you wont see any difference past 120fps. My point being from a visual standpoint, the only thing you achieve by turning v sync off is making your PC work harder than it needs to, which creates more heat and uses more power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentess View Post
    I'd argue we can. 60 FPS seems a lot smoother for our eyes than 30 does, so we can SEE a difference.
    Your brain makes up the difference and processes it, so while your eyes may not catch the difference alone, your brain does. So you can actually tell the difference because the brain fixes the gap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyrosso View Post
    Hi guys, what FPS do u have when u play?
    I see people over 100 FPS, my PC should allow more then 60 but even if I guess I removed the limit it doesn't go over, I guess I've seen it a couple of times at 61.

    Got an I5 with 8GB ram and a 4700 nvidia if I'm not wrong.
    Turn off your V-sync. /facepalm

    The amount of made up facts on human eyesight in this thread is too darn high!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farolok View Post
    We can't tell the difference anything beyond 30fps anyway, so steady 30fps on maximum settings is more than good enough anyway.
    Find videos for high frame rate photography. You will notice that in 60fps video the motion is not as blurred as 30fps, especially background elements but it applies to high movement foreground elements as well. Humans can definitely see more than 30fps.

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    Bla bla bla bla.

    Whatever the argument is that we cannot see it or we can, the fact is - there is a difference, I got a Samsung SyncMaster SA950, its a proper 120hz monitor. Even the desktop in windows feels more crisp, you got a crisp clear image when you drag a window across the screen, or scroll a forum page.

    The difference "kicks" in at around 80-85 or so, where games, fast past games, has less blur when you move around fast, its a nice to have thing and its really awsome - but it requires a shit load of gpu power to maintain these frames in high quality games, such as BF3 - the new Far Cry 3 and the upcomming Crysis 3.

    Everything is just more clear, anyone who dont blive this - go to a store where you can see one and run a demo on it, should it only be the desktop or a gaming store that has some games installed, just make sure that the windows settings are set to 120hz and that the ingame, if there is any, are set to 120hz, games like bf3 got a option to go either 60hz or 120hz if you are able to deliver it.

    Its a great feature, but be aware, once you start to play with this - you cannot go back, I really want a 2560x1600 resulotion monitor, but untill they can be created with 120hz, I wont upgrade, so im "stuck" at 1920x1080 27" @120hz atm :P - but im ok.

    But you really have to see it side by side to really notice it sometimes, thou its there, its hard to notice it if you have nothing to compare it with.

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    Remove Vertical Sync and your fps will go higher, but it's prolly not needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    I very much doubt you even notice the difference between 143 or a constant 60-61. I still remember 1337 BoYZ in CS 1.6 brag they got like 180 fps etc, totally ignoring the fact it doesn't matter anyway.
    Actually, their was a very interesting fact about FPS in Cs 1.6 when it came to surfing.

    Tested this out at about 40 fps, i was able to stick to a cliff without going up or down, setting my limit to the max of i think it said 999, could have been higher list thats what the console said the net_graph 1, i was able to climb it as if it was flat ground.

    another interesting thing was OpenGL vs hardware, on surf fatmike i think it was called, couldn't get to a certain point until i upgraded my gfx card and ran it on openGL instead, could make it every time. Some strange things can occur with higher fps.

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    OP had his problem solved.

    The thread is now devolving into fps arguments. Closing.

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