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    I've made my own review (with peoples own opinions posted below) of the razer naga and the logitech G600.
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    Logitech mx518 - For me it's comfortable and does the job. I've had the same one for years, never a problem. Am looking into the G500
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    MX518 for SUREEEE.

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    Using the Cyborg MMO7 myself.

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    I was in the same situation as you were about 2 months before MoP dropped.

    I went to the store with the intent to buy a G600, but they were all out!
    I did buy a G700 though, even though it was slightly larger, and I must say that I planned on returning it as soon as they got more G600's back in the store. I was impressed with how fluent the G700 felt though that I refuse to take it back now. It gives a great compromise to those who aren't fully convinced that they are ready for a Naga/G600 12 side mouse button style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PizzaSHARK View Post
    MX518 is still the best mouse ever made.
    The MX700 was way better. First wireless mouse worth using for gaming.

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    Loving the G600 myself. Probably wouldn't go back to a G5 or MX518 any more and definitely not a Naga with that Synapse nonsense.

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    I used to have a Razer Naga. It worked well, but there were too many buttons on the left side. More than you needed. It was sometimes a little tricky to feel which button you were pressing because they are so small and clumped together. I now instead have a Razer Naga HEX, which "only" has 6 buttons on the side. The buttons are big and easy to recognize.

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    There are only two options if you play MMO's:

    Razer naga: Normal to small size hands
    Logitech G600: Larger hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancha View Post
    Logitech G500. It's cheap and good.
    right before MoP I was looking to replace my 2 y/o g500. the left click button was getting a little worn out (releasing too early when dragging and dropping).
    tried the g600 and a razer (I dont remember the model - both were purchased at best buy since I didnt want to wait on shipping). I use a palm grip, and the butt of both mice I tried were very steep, and it felt very awkward. not to mention theyre also a bit larger. I couldnt get good grip on the thumb keys. it just felt like both mice were loose/floating. I gave each of them a couple days of testing to let me commit new bind locations to muscle memory. Couldnt do it.

    Long story short, I went with another g500. with the three thumb buttons and left/right tilt, with modifiers, I have enough binding options

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    I have the Steelseris World of Warcraft Cataclysm gaming mouse.... and I love it.

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    I recently picked up the Razer Naga Hex Red one, had the Logitech G600 that thing broke. I won't buy another Logitech product again.

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    Going to buy another MX518 btw, for my new gaming laptop.

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