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    When to go Fury?

    I've recently rolled a DPS warrior alt. I've been using Arms up to this point.
    From what I understand, Fury requires a certain amount of crit to be worth using, correct? If so, what is that amount of crit? Is this amount in full raid buffs, or from gear alone?
    Or is it completely dependent on weapons?
    Or am I wrong, and Fury is better even without a certain amount of crit or weapon threshold?
    Yes, I know I'll get a lot of "play what you enjoy" answers, but I enjoy the idea of the warrior class in general, and am not loyal to either spec in itself.

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    From everything that I've read, fury becomes more reliable around 20% crit pre-buffs.

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    As far as I know, Fury outclasses Arms as soon as you have end-game gear.
    For example, a Warrior that just hit 90 that is running around in mostly quest/dungeon blues is better off as Arms, while you could swap to Fury when you are (almost) full with (LFR) epics. Also, 20% crit pre-buff seems to be okay.
    I'm running Arms and if I remember correctly I have around 19,85% crit, with a 2nd weapon that should be pushed over 20% crit easily, so for me it'd be better to swap. Such a shame I enjoy Fury less than Arms.

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    ^ not just end game gear, you can do substantially better as fury once you hit the 20% crit threshold unbuffed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekked View Post
    ^ not just end game gear, you can do substantially better as fury once you hit the 20% crit threshold unbuffed.
    Very true, but it's pretty hard to achieve 20% crit unbuffed with quest blues, assuming you also want to cap other stats first.

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    Go fury once you're at ~465-470 with decent (18%+) crit unbuffed.

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    I'm at 482, with two starshatters but i'm still Arms. I'm just bad with fury's new look (Still no excuse to work on it).

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    i've heard when you have 25% crit as fury with raid buffs. around there it should be beating arms most of the time.

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    At about 20% with your fury gear, it only gets better as you get more.

    SMF naturally has less crit than TG, though, so you may be around 18-20% at first.
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