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    Wink bye bye fire mages goodbye my lover :(

    blizzard this is a joke right? we 1 shot ppl we out dps ppl but if we are stuck in mele we die like a scheep you stupid retards can't just acting a lil normal ???? ¨50% combustion nerf what the hell where you guys thinking? hahahahahahahahaha is the design team there on meth? since they get lesser money or something? b4 they nerfed ignite by only getting it with combustion then removing 25% of our shields? i'm not a frost mage so i won't 1 shot you haha but OMFG what happend to fire are you guys shure it was a firenerf or did you tards meaneed to nerf frost? since we do 400k crits on 60% resi plate users

    oh blizzard can you plz tell me if blackops 2 is any fun? cuz i think wow will die after all there nerfes on all classes you did reset to 5.0 or die

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