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    Pet Battle Safari Achievments Bugged

    I have been doing all the "Safari" pet battle achieves and and havent been getting credit for certain pets.Ive looked online and found that im not the only one person with this problem.When is blizzard going to take notice of this and hotfix it? Ive put in a ticket and all i got was "Although i can look and see that you do have the pets that it takes to get the achievments ,I cant grant you the achievment. "Ok Im not gona shoot the messanger here. I do realize GMs are not all powerful.But the least Blizzard can do is give these people enough power to say " OK , I can see there is a bug here ,I can see you have done what it takes to be awarded the achievement, so im going to grant you the achievment."

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    Which pets? I've done most of these perfectly fine.
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    i dont know about you, but have all my achs besides Kalimdor, Qiraji Guardling(which doesnt come out to summer). Had them since MoP came out. Some were grey'd out but got ach regardless.

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    It's mostly vendor-bought pets (a few Dragonhawk ones for Eastern Kingdoms) and a couple others that don't flag, but as longas you got it in your journal, you DO have credit for.

    The ONLY pet we cannot get currently is the Qiraji Guardling, because MoP came out on the 25th of Sept, and "Summer" ends on the 20th of Sept. Gotta wait til March 21st for that one. Also, sometimes, I noticed that account-wide achievements (like many of the pet battle ones) do not always get awarded until you hit a load screen (be it changing continents or relogging).
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    I didnt get credit for the Crested Owl. I caught that pet before they added it to the meta. Gotta catch another one i guess. All others worked fine, except for the Qiraj Guardling which is not yet available.
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