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    Any tips for Amber Shaper 10 N?

    My guild is about to hit Amber Shaper, and even though I've watched videos and done LFR I'm a bit uncertain of the fight myself. For example, I've never become a Construct in LFR. Would appreciate any tips for the fight, either class specific or general.


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    Have timers. 1 Interrupts him. 2 Interrupts yourself. 3 gobbles up pools, 4 exits vehicle < 20% HP.

    Watch the amber monstrosity that spawns. You must interrupt him with 1. With timers you can see how long till he casts and can see if you can use 1 or need to save it.

    HAVE YOUR OWN CAST BARS ENABLED. So you can interrupt yourself and not explode and then say 'Er.. I can't see my own cast bar.'

    Try to stack pools in an area of the room so constructs don't need to run like mad across the room. They come when the adds die, the adds have no aggro, they just fixate on someone till they die.

    Uhhh. I'm a healer and in 4 weeks Ive never been constructed except for 1 wipe my guild had. So all the info I give is mostly stuff that has been yelled out when we were learning the fight.

    Also, small tips. If you're going to explode(Your own cast explosion which you interrupt with 2) but can also exit the vehicle, then exit. It automatically cancels it. If a situation happens where you either need to interupt yourself or the monstrosity, choose him. Your own explosion deals less damage.

    And thats about all I can think of.
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    It's a pretty simple fight once everybody sees how to do the construct. I recommend eating zero pools during phase 1. The stacks will drop, but they're just not needed. Have the first DPS (not a tank or healer!) that gets transformed in phase 2 eat pools from then on (for the rest of the fight), so they can keep stacking up the debuff. DPS down and free anybody else. It will make phase 2 go much more quickly. Only break out heals in phase 3. You'll have tons of pools, so dps can easily refill their willpower, and you'll get an insane number of stacks. Lust early on, once a few stacks are up. It'll be a very, very short phase.

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    Make sure to have DBM (or some other similar add-on) for this fight. Once you have it, clean it out for the love of god. There's a lot of stuff that is irrelevant for a lot of roles (or just in general even) that have warnings or timers. You're melee dps? What you really need to keep on imo is:
    1) All possible warnings for your own amber explosion.
    2) All possible warnings for Amber Monstrosity's amber explosion.
    3) Special warning for low on willpower.
    4) Special warning when affected by parasitic growth so you can possibly pop a defensive to help healers out.

    All the other things seem rather useless to me. Getting targeted by the beam is quite obvious for example so can't see why you would need a warning for that.
    Just focusing on these things make the vehicle very easy. You can pretty much ignore your own castbar or the timer for it, since DBM will do a countdown 5-4-3-2-1 and then you know you'll need to interrupt it by hitting 2 (cast starts AFTER countdown, but is 2.5 seconds long so forgiving for errors). You can ignore your willpower/hp, since DBM will give warning when you're low on willpower, and can then act accordingly by either using 3 or 4, depending on phase and strategy. So all you pretty much do when turned into vehicle is mash 1 on boss/big add, and watch the timer for big add's amber explosion so that - if needed - you can stop mashing 1 for a bit to make sure to be able to interrupt the big add. The rest will come as a warning from DBM and it's easy to react.

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