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    HM Elegon Cosmic Spark

    So the guild I am in started on HM 25 man Elegon last night. We seem to be having the most problems with the small adds that come out while we are killing the pylons (think they are called cosmic sparks). How does everyone deal with getting them down? Do you have everyone stack and AOE them or have mellee get on boss and range deal with them.
    We actually had a 6% wipe and half of the raids seem to have died to the adds. We are currently running 6 healers as well, though the enrage itself is not a problem.
    Any tips or tricks?


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    Get a tank that understands how to do aoe threat and/or tell your dps to hold off a little at the start so your tank actually has time to get threat. If they start aoeing before they are somewhat stacked there is a good chance the tank doesn't have agro on all of them and they kill dps'ers fast.

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    You can stun/slow them. We normaly send all our healers next to the panel (where you "start" the boss) in that phase. Have a tank sit next to them and gather up all adds while he slow them, since they hit like a fucking truck!

    If no one beside the tank attacks the small adds, all the healers will get aggro and the tank right next to them can pick it up. When all pylons are dead, drag the add in on the platform STUN them, aoe shit down. win!

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    So do the cosmic Sparks have a normal aggro table... in the raid thought that they didn't?

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    It helps a lot in pylon phase if you kill the "middle" 2 first on both sides so tanks are able to get everywhere the raid is.
    1. Meet up at ranged stack up point, with adds (tanks have been picking them up during pylon phase, kiting a bit etc).
    2. Taunt banner/aoe taunt whatever when the floor reappears, adds aoe'd down/slowed and killed before they get to tank in the middle.

    We pair this with some cooldowns when we stack up AM/Cry/Banner.

    And yes normal aggro table afaik, so much so we didn't see a problem when banner was used unless massive aoe dps but because they're slowed the dps can just kite it until it's dead.

    The majority will be going to the middle however.

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    Don't let your dps touch them until they are moved into the inner circle. Hell, if the enrage isn't an issue just have the DPS ignore them altogether.

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    I never found them much of a challenge. Just MD them to the tank, Intimidation one if it starts attacking someone nearby. Mostly just pump AOE into them, FD if needed. and pop BW once it is P1 again and they are being tanked inside the ring.

    edit: kinda thought I was still in the Hunter forum, but most of the advice stands. You want to get them on the tanks, have your tanks pop CDs, and burst AOE as soon as tanks have a reasonable amount of aggro. They should live for ~5-8 seconds into P1.

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    We gather them at the control panel, our warrior tank drops taunting banner and then heroic leaps back to Elegon. I(Brewmaster tank) pick them up/stun them/kill them as they're slowly moving to him across the platform. Never had a single problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Favorite View Post
    It helps a lot in pylon phase if you kill the "middle" 2 first on both sides so tanks are able to get everywhere the raid is.
    Once one pylon goes down he starts casting adds faster. Get the pylons down at the same time. Tanks get aggro and stack the adds on top of the boss and raid nukes. This is in phase 3.
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    I pick up all the adds as a Guardian, but I usually just pop a minor CD like Barskin while running around and pick them up. I tell my raid that if they start AoEing too hard, they'll die and it's not my fault. We usually can pick off like 3-4 adds by single targetting before Elegon becomes active again though. Our other tank on the other side doesn't do that much threat to the adds, so when the barrier goes up, I swipe/thrash them all, get threat, pop all my CDs and tank all the little adds under Elegon while we AoE them all down.

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    I did this on 10-man, so not sure if there are so many more adds this strat becomes stupid. What we did was have me and the other tank drag them to the panel when the pillars are all down, then move in on the platform and we just slowed and nuked them.

    Paladin tank, and I can say that it helps alot since we can keep SotR up for those couple of seconds we need to take damage before they're controlled
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