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    what blizz should really be nerfing

    PvP power, and spirit in PvP. Chaos wave is not a problem, the amount that PvP power scales is a problem. PvP power is whats causing everybody to 3 shot eachother left and right, and healers that are never oom are making classes that dont have burst to be useless.

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    You mean DPS class who is using mana as resource is never oom.
    Yes PvP power is out of control.
    Well deserved nerf for chaos wave.

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    chaos wave was very much a problem, spirit doesn't need nerfed, it needs to be reduced by 50% on pvp gear (easier then nerfing the stat), and resil needs buffed, power is fine outside of it scales better then resil and effective hp (as damage general always has outpaced mitigation in pvp), its purpose is for the most part working - keeping pve gear out of pvp, in fact pvp weapons should be nothing but stam/power/resil as its stats but that is a different topic.

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    I'm not sure this change would fix it. imo the real problem right now is that most classes are based on "generators" and "damage dealers" where the generators do negligible damage (e.g. steady shot) and the damage dealers do ludicrous damage (e.g. chaos bolt). The distance between the two of these types of abilities needs to be shortened. However, I do agree that a PvP power reduction wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

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    Take pvp power off gear and only leave it on gems, weapons, and trinkets. This way we won't have another season 11 but damage and healing will both get nerfed. I think healer regen is fine in 3's but 2's is a joke. Nobody goes oom and people leave way to long.
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    You're right except for 2 things.

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    >__o With the recent changes to mana costs for my monk, I have to say spirit is far from needing to be nerfed. I feel pretty easily drained after the recent hotfixes, where as before the patch I could get through the burst phase and still have something left.

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    They don't need to nerf pvp power. If you nerf it or take it off items like people suggest then everyone will just use pve gear.

    They actually had to BUFF pvp power on weapons in the last patch because heroic pve weapons were already better and they don't want people using pve gear in pvp. So at the same time they nerfed some class abilities they also doubled the pvp weapon power which just completely countered the nerfs they did. I swear they have no idea what to do with pvp.

    The answer really is to nerf pvp healing (it already has a healing debuff in pvp) and increase resil. Thats the only thing that will fix it without completely changing the way abilities work in pvp versus pve, and blizz have said numerous times they will not do that (even though bizarrely some abilities already do work differently in pvp)

    In short its a mess and it would take big changes to fix. Blizz seems far too stubborn to do this, they take forever to make changes and when they do the changes are often poorly thought out.
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    I dunno if you saw any of the matches from the world championships in China, but so many of those matches ended up in ties, imagine what would happen if you nerf pvp power and buff resil?

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    Dont nerf spirit then my monks fucked even more.

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    Nerfing spirit would disc which is already seems to be weak already. See > Rapture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillemus View Post
    I dunno if you saw any of the matches from the world championships in China, but so many of those matches ended up in ties, imagine what would happen if you nerf pvp power and buff resil?
    guess you never have watched a stream of said players playing on live when they aren't playing for money, or understanding what tactic they were doing at the tournement.

    What they were doing was playing hyper defensive till they had their high burst cds up, try to land a kill then reset and repeat if it failed.

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