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    [Windwalker] Jade Lightning+Path of Blossoms

    What are they for? What uses do they have? Cause I'm not really sure where to use them efficiently.

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    Jade Lightning is useful for situations where you can't melee your target.

    Path of Blossoms is never useful, in my opinion.

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    Use Path of Blossoms when you're waiting for a boss to become active who is currently untargetable. Provided your tank is pulling right away... You could use it on Vizier Heroic during the countown since you know where he's going to land. That's about it.

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    Path of Blossoms is, IMO, better for battlegrounds than most any situation, or a kiting situation (arguably).

    Jade Lightning, as stated, is for when you can't melee your target, such as Vizier or parts of Spirit Kings.

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    both the skills have their uses, path of blossoms for example I'm using when I'm fc:ing and planting them nearby to rid stealthers of their stealth + instantly tagging about to spawn mobs, etc, jade lightning you use for your ranged attacks whenever you need to.

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    Thanks guys. So, Path for kiting/de-stealthing and Jade for attacking when I can't go in melee range. Got it.

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