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    Barrier can actually be pretty sick on Wind Lord, as with the absurd vengeance you can get consistent 800k shield barriers during your Block downtime^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by equinocs View Post
    I agree with this post. I find myself using SBlock way more than Sbar through this tier's raid content. On top of my head, the fights I really use Sbar more than Sblock are

    Stone Guard (the bleed is #1 dmg in that fight)
    Feng (DoT #1 dmg)
    Elegon (ONLY when he does breath)

    None, I think.

    Protectors, if you are "tanking" the casters
    Tsulong (only on breath)
    LeiShi (don't even use Sblock except for Adds)

    Everything is, SBLOCK reigns supreme. PERIOD. I recently got my 4 piece, and wow IT IS NICE!
    Speaking only on Normals, since that's all I've done so far, but there are a few more applications of SBar, in my opinion:
    Vizier during Exhale, Force and Verve, and Attenuation (I never get hit but just in case)
    Garalon (maybe? I "tank" this in Arms)
    Wind Lord (to bleed excess rage when SBlock is on CD)
    Empress (before Sonic Discharges and while not tanking)

    Sha of Fear (during Ominous Cackle since I'm the one that runs around and grabs orbs)
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