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    Any reliable up to date Bis Gear List?

    I'm looking for an updated gear list if anyone knows of one? I checked Allaron's on fluiddruid.net but it told me that the page could not be found. Looking for a reliable source to compare gear as I acquire it.


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    You don't need any kind of BiS gear list any more.
    Starting from Cata they put just 1 item per slot in drop list (with rare exceptions). Basically you don't have any choice.
    Thats why there is no bis lists any more.

    But even if you have a choice(thats like 2 items per spec) and you was lucky to have both items, the decision if this item is bis for you or not will depend on your spec and play style. You'll need to use YOUR stat weight to decide which item is better.
    And guess what? The stat weight changes from boss to boss. And the bis list choice(all those 2 items you can choose from) changes with it.

    You'll still need a trinket list. Not sure about your spec, but if you are feral, you can find it here

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    I disagree, theres already two necks and two boots that drop that need differentiation with for ferals, also knowing which piece of 4 peice not to take etc.

    But yeah fluiddruid should do the job.

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