Thread: Is it that bad?

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    Is it that bad?

    I am coming back to WoW after quite sometime, and I am going to play a Warrior again.

    I have read on forums, by google searching if the Warrior had changed much, that with the new talent system many are hating it! These threads were a few months old but I wasn't sure if this was still the way it was or if they had improved it?

    The threads had people saying things like "You can only have 1 spec for each thing you want to do, there is no personalization!"

    So, is it really boring? Is there one set build for raiding and PvP? Would it hurt your character to NOT use that build? Or can you do whatever you enjoy without consequenses?

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    basically the whatever u want talent..depends on play-style, some will argue that there is still a specific build but what it comes down to is what u want.

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    Okay. Thank you. I was a little worried about choosing Warrior again when I came back!

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