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    Is the ICC achievement 'Full House' soloable on 25m?

    Hello there,

    Basically just wondering if the 'Full House' achievement on Lady Deathwhisper is soloable by a Blood DK on 25 man. It involves her dying with there being at least 5 different adds up. I am asking this as I am finding it difficult to find a group who wants to do a 25m achievement run and if I do, they never understand the concept of keeping 5 different adds alive. So has anyone actually done this? or will I have to wait for a couple of expansions to go by?

    Thanks guys

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    I did try this myself at the start of the expansion, it's really not worth the hassle. You can give it a go but the ability lockout debuff will drive you crazy. I doubt you'll be able to keep yourself alive with 1 death strike every 15 seconds and all the adds+ boss chewing on you...

    Pugging people for an achievement run is a much easier alternative.

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    Just make sure that if you do pug a bunch in to ensure that she does not die before all five adds are out.

    Me and two friends did this fight on 25m Heroic and managed to kill her before the enrage. I was on Deathwhisper the whole time in Blood, the healer was a Resto Shaman, and the other tank was a Guardian. The problem with this was when someone would get charmed on top of the ability lockout. It wasn't that hard, really, just incredibly annoying and I wish we thought about going for the achievement.
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    I can't see it being possible, because you really DON'T want one of the casters up for all of P2, meaning you'd want to do it on heroic so she continues to spawn adds, meaning you won't make the enrage alone.

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    It is in theory, so should be in practice. GLHF though

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    Sign up and and it's easy. There are achievement runs for lots of older raids.

    Have fun.

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    I don't have that much idea about it. So from where I 'll get the theory about this? which books I must refer for it?
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    25m normal should be doable.
    10m normal wasn't even barely challenging to me. [warrior]

    I guess 25m would take longer.

    I did this with 2 other friends, went pretty fast, I reckon it can be solo'd but it'll be somewhat of a hassle.

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    Those caster adds will make your life hell for the duration of the fight, its not worth the solo effort. Just grab a couple of friends and smash it out.
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