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    Hi just a quick question: Can you start terrace even without clearing HoF on normal mode if everyone has done it on LFR? Everyone I've talked to has said it's not possible until clearing HoF normal but looking at this guys armory profile he have done 1/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES.

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    99% sure you can't. Only the raid leader has to have cleared HoF before terrace. SO it's very possible that the guys leader has cleared HoF, and he hasn't, but they're still both allowed into toes.

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    Raid leader need to have HoF cleared on normal first and be the first one to enter ToES normal. The rest of the raid doesn't have to have HoF cleared.

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    oh okay thx

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    can't zone into terrace if you haven't killed grand empress on normal
    only need raid leader to have killed it

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