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    How hard is it to tank LFR?

    Do you think I can tank LFR with 491 DPS gear and sword/shield as warrior in prot spec? I'm trying to gear up abit for prot and i don't need dps gear from LFR.

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    Yes, easily
    Tanking lfr is about as hard as dps'ing it

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    or you could just be ultra lazy, queue as DPS, switch to prot spec and lets the loot flow.

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    I thought you got loot based on the spec you queued as?

    Its easy enough alright, if you're 491 you're bound to be raiding with a guild. Take a healer or two from your guild along for quick queue and good heals and everything will be fine

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    Ooh and also please post your DPS on Blade Lord in HoF if you're tanking in full dps gear! Will be sick :P (DR+Bloodbath ftw)

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    Tanking LFR is a joke TBH.

    I MT for our guild, so we have been having to pug a tank for the past 2 weeks as our OT had a death in the family. Every single pug seems to have only done LFR.....so when we go to pull stone guards they have no idea what to do (even after a lengthy explanation). You can literally ignore all the boss mechanics on most fights. Stone guard: Stack them up at the bottom of the stairs and solo tank the encounter, its ridiculous. I have done LFR twice and will not do it again because it is ridiculously dumbed down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyy View Post
    I thought you got loot based on the spec you queued as?
    Not unless they changed it very recently.

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    It really depends on the healers you get .. but if you take a lot of damage and die, people might inspect and you will most likely be kicked.

    I must admit I havent really checked the gear the tanks in LFR are usually having but I guess it can't be all that good.

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    Take hand. Smash hand on keyboard. In question take face. Done. (That is the answer to the question on difficulty)
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    you can tank it blindfolded with 1 hand while eating crisps

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    I tanked all of the second wing of HoF in 489 ish DPS gear with a normal Elegon tank trinket on, it can get very spiky/close but you should live, even if you aren't the best tank. I did #3 damage on Ambershaper...
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