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    My first character was a feral druid. I didn't know how damage over time worked so I assumed spamming "Claw" was the best for max deeps. And not a single combo point spender was used during those days lol

    Also, dpsing in frost presence (during WotLK) and dying, then blaming tanks who were crying at me for having aggro was pretty hilarious, especially because I thought frost presence was the "main" presence to be in as frost dps, logic right =P

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    I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been a clicker since late classic, still am. I've never experienced Ulduar or Firelands, but I'd love to. I've been a warlock and have never changed, I'm to lazy to level up another character even if I hate where the Warlock class is going. I was a melee lock until level 67. I never did quests, I only dungeoned (keep in mind this was before dungeon finder...)

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    Wiping raid at 11% on Defile.

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    doing numerous raids with my cloak of unity equipped, wondering why my DPS was off, and chalking it up to non-existent lag I was convinced was there...

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    Prior to playing WoW, I played a few MMOs that involved a lot of heavy grinding to level up. On my way to 60 back in classic, I would find good places to just kill mobs and would ignore quests completely. I was a fire mage, so I always opened with a pyroblast, spammed fireball until it was dead, and would repeat on 2 more mobs before I would run out of mana and have to drink for 30 seconds. I did this all the way to 60. I was still neutral with Orgrimmar.

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    I uh can't think of anything like, super amazing embarrassing. I did buy and use a white melee weapon on my hunter at around level 30, then attempted to auction it and wondered why it didn't sell after like 3 or 4 times.

    I did use ranged attacks, but once my pet lost aggro I would just melee standing still until the mob died. After I got FD, I would FD after I got aggro the first time, but if I got it again I continued to raptor strike while just standing there until the mob was dead. So, I mean, I still understood the general idea, and I'm honestly not really embarrassed to admit that I did this.

    I was like a half-n-half clicker. For some reason I kept multishot far away from my other attacks, so I used keybinds for everything but I would click multishot. It never struck me until maybe 7-8 months that what I was doing was really silly.

    I put my talent points into tons of random skills all over my talent trees until around 35.

    Really can't think of anything funny.

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    So back in TBC when I started playing, as I leveled my Rogue, I never spent Combo Points on finishers at all for the first ~15 levels because I was 100% sure that every single CP you gained could be stored for future usage. Needless to say I was mighty disappointed at how weak my Eviscerate turned out to be when used on the first boss in RFC.
    That is amazing hahaha. I wish so much. I'd be farming combo points day and night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncanîdaho View Post
    That is amazing hahaha. I wish so much. I'd be farming combo points day and night.
    Reminds me of when Pallies used to be able to stack reckbombs up to infinity or something and 1 shot Kazzak out in blasted lands. That was indeed a great story, though :-)
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    in vanilla I played a demonist... specced destruction, but killing mobs by letting void walker tank (because I have only cloth armor so I should not get hit ever, right ?), and doing most of my damage with dots and wand to let void walker keep aggro (meaning nearly all of my talent points were useless), dinged to level 60 like this...

    Also I remember doing quite a lot of warsong gulch in vanilla, before realizing that it might be better for my team if I actually try to follow them to the flag room instead of staying in the middle of the map dotting everything... (also remember not understanding why people said fear was OP, and was like "it never stay the whole 10seconds anyway, so it's a waste to use it !")

    This time it wasn't me, but I remember at some point in woltk, a level ~15player in the barren asked me some gold to buy a new weapon, when I asked him why he'd really need a new weapon at his level, he answered that his was broken, and that he hadn't loot any in the meanwhile...

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    as a rogue at start of cata didnt realise till like 4 mnths after launch that u could put poisons on your thrown weapon............

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    I was embarrassed when I realized I wasn't exploiting and doing haxorz to the game when I'd make it to the top of some of the mountains in the Barrens. My dreams of being the next Dopefish were crushed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviney View Post
    My lock was my first toon and I remember wearing agility cloth while leveling up because I thought agility made you run faster. Why the hell was there ever agility cloth?
    Funny that, on my hunter I thought strength was the best stat since it made me melee hit harder, remember hanging around lvl 40-48 in full scarlet monastery mail set meleeing stuff to death since hunter pets in vanilla couldn't hold aggro for shit :P

    Thankfully a level 60 hunter inspected me one day and must have cringed so hard he told me "wots wot" and sponsored my lvl 40 mount(was lvl 47 with no mount rofl)
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    I lvled my mage arcane 80-85 and went through 3 heroics before i trained mastery

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    i leveled my first character, a tauren warrior on a trial account, to level 20 without realising:

    1) i never understood what charge was. i ran to the mobs, and couldn't use the attack! so i removed it from my action bar
    2) i live in Europe, and the trial account was America...
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    I was max level for over a year before I knew feral cats could track humanoids.
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    I levelled my first toon in Wrath (so old world, old talents) in holy spec. I went after gear with strength to kill stuff faster while questing and spirit so I'd regain mana between enemies (before pallies could regen from spirit in combat).

    So my heals were small, barely enough to keep everyone alive at some times (didn't help that I was a hugely reactive healer, only healing when people looked like they were about to die), and I could only cast a handful of them before I was screwed. When I got to Outland (finally) and got some spell power, int and Mp5 gear, I was amazed at how much easier it was to heal and kill stuff while questing. Then I got dual spec and specced ret and whoa nelly!

    I also struggled my way through lower level dungeons solo, once to get cloth to vendor because I thought it was a good source of money, and another time because the gear it dropped and gear from a quest I had in there was actually better than what I had.

    Poor paladin... been sittikng at level 80 for three years now

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    Ancient: I leveled as Blood Elf.
    Relativly old: I leveled from 80 to 85 as a holy paladin by choice, spamming exorcism and holy shock. I did it because I was doing dungeons as holy and didn't want to upgrade 2 gear sets at a time, good plan right? Well I made it to 85 in 3 days anyways.
    Recent: Just found out that I can left click on NPCs to interact with them instead of right click and accidently start to auto attack opposite faction and make NPC guards go mental on me... Yes I was facepalming when a guildy told me...
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    Back when i started i needed EVERYTHING that dropped on my first char (paladin). I just nocticed that if i click on the dice things i normally get the loot, and i felt so smart because apparently nobody else had thought of my genius trick. Then in a WC i was called a ninja, and then i thought... HEY! NINJAS ARE COOL! (Think about it... ninjas are cool). So from then every time i joined a dungeon my first thing i said was: "I am a ninja!!!).... Oh god why.

    Secondly i leveled my paladin as protection with a 2 hander undtil around level 40. (Started in Vanilla but never reached level 60). Oh and i did not notice that you could suddenly use plate gear in level 40, undtil i was level 50-something.

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    When I started playing I didn't look for stats, just upgraded my gear based on what gave me the biggest armor xD I played a mage.

    A recent one: Apparently the healing mushrooms of druids heal for a ton with low mana cost. I never use them >_<

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    In vanilla, my pally didn't have any talents picked until someone pointed it out to me at level 50. When I was 60, I was tri-spec. I don't know which one of those is worse -_-;
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