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    Let's see..... Melee Hunter? Check. Wiping raids on my warrior due to forgetting Def Stance? Check. Raiding with a Fishing Pole? Check. 2h Enh shaman? Check. (T_T)
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    "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Except if you're playing legion xd
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    The day I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time.......

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    I'm embarrassed to admit that...

    ... I have punched a Gnome once. No particular reason. I was just having a bad day.

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    never knew you could eat and drink at the same time.
    helpful loading screen tip was helpful!

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    I'm embarrassed that it's so hard for me to start using macros with modifiers. I just recently started using mouseover macros, really helps a lot with some spells. Glad that I am a quick learner... :3

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    I don't rememeber exactly when but at some point during a ICC25 heroic run, a trial member found his voice on Ventrilo for the first time and pointed out to 23 others that the holy paladin (me) was wearing a fishing hat - for 7. fucking. bosses.

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    I was level 17 or 18 on my original warlock in vanilla before I realized stacking strength and using my staff as a melee weapon was inefficient.

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    Back when I leveled my first character, a hunter, I always equipped the weapons that looked coolest. You would often see me with weapons that had no stats but procs.
    I still save all my CDs while I do dailies or when I level alts - I simply don't use them unless I'm killing boss-like npcs
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    "yes, let's piss him off because he loves his long hair. Let us twirl our evil mustaches amdist the background music of honky-tonk pianos! GENIUS!"
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    Yes i hate those sneaky account thieves that come to my house and steal my computer in order to steal some wow money! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

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    Hmm, cant remember many but.. It was back in vanilla and i was about to ding lvl 40 on my warrior and i knew the mount/training cost a lot of gold, which i didnt have... so i actually bought cloth off of ah, made it into bandages and sold the bandages to a vendor.. It actually was profitable but prolly the most slowest way to make gold, but in the end i got the mount.

    Now that i think about it i wonder why the fuck i did it like that.

    Also everytime i did an instance in vanilla, i was tanking it with a 2H in arms spec every single time until like lvl 50~.

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    I got a warrior to 55 struggling and dieng, made a DK then found out about talent points. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficia View Post
    My Hunter in Vanilla leveled to 46 almost entirely melee.

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    This thread looks like the random tells from "sha of guilt" you get in HoF.

    I admit back in early vanilla i discovered there was something called "Voidwalker" lvl 35.At that time I was saying to myself "Man,this game is really hard" because I just spammed shadowbolt and just 2 mobs aggroed at the same time ripped me appart.Once I was able to get the this is a completely different thing!!!.

    The Noobness did not end there,I realized I could get,at that lvl,another pet called succubus.For doing that you needed to talk to a guy in south Barrens.Being a human warlock the only way I knew to get there was getting to Wetlands to get the ship that take you to I and my voidwalker started walking north from Redridge Mountains to Burning Steppes.I think theres no need to say how many times I died bajillion at least and then a guildie whispered me some magical words "Deeprum Tram!! you naabb!!".
    And then after 400km on foot from IF to Theramore i,again,realized there was a ship from Stranglethorn(flight path there already unlocked) that put me really really close to the guy for the succubus quest in south Barrens.

    It does not end there.Some guy in a forum told me the only spec that worked was SM/Ruin (30/0/21) and since I liked crits and big crits I started putting point in Destruction.Smart move specially when my attack rotation consisted in dotting the big bad mob and then using the wand while the vw and the dots killed him(dots didnt crit back then)...without a single point in affliction yet.I think from 15 to 35 I used shadowbolt no more than 5-6 times.

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    Maybe when I was playing my rogue till the end of TBC and not using SnD on raiding because I thought it's useless....yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayvio View Post
    I was embarrassed to learn of an additional boss in Blackfathom Deeps (the underwater one) after seven years of playing
    Quote Originally Posted by furriusmurrius View Post
    Ooh, thats a good one. I learned just the other day that there is apparently a way to circumvent the small 'platforming' section in the beginning because a hunter kept failing at the first jump...the priest was just like "go over there and go the long way around". I didn't say anything in the group but I was like... "...long way? :-/"
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    never knew you could eat and drink at the same time.
    helpful loading screen tip was helpful!
    the above 3 plus

    i skipped the deffstance questline on my warrior, and learned about its existance and what its for from a friendly rogue in the late 40´s ... oh boy
    Quote Originally Posted by ash
    So, look um, I'm not a grief counselor, but if it's any consolation, I have had to kill and bury loved ones before.

    A bunch of times actually.

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    When i started playing wow at the start of TBC i made a dorf priest..I saw that he could use i went 25 lvls without using any spells but hitting mobs with the one hand str mace in the face...till my brother saw me and loled his ass off.....

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    To be honest i had no clue that frost bomb deals more dmg if the target is frozen (pet nova/mage own nova). Is that really true? Haven´t done that on my mage :P..

    Also, been playing paladin since TBC released and when i was doing ZA timed one day i noticed this spell that reduces dmg taken and makes you immune to death for some seconds. Had no idea there was a spell in prot that was called Ardent Defender. Everytime i saw other paladins using it by /yell Ardent Defender is up i always went to my spellbook looking for that spell but i just couldn´t find it. One day i checked my talent tree and noticed a spell i hadn´t specced, it was ardent defender..Can´t understand how i could be that blind.

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    This is a key
    I first realized I had Soothing mist on my monk when I was level 20..
    I had complained to my guild about how I had no healing spells as a Mistweaver

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    I thought Warriors were the one that had blood lust, when we raided MC. I mean. It sounds like a warrior ability <.<
    Found out when i complained to a warrior in whisper about him failing blood lust >.>
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    When I first started playing (Feb 2006) and hit level 10, a friend told me about talent points, so I picked one (improved wands, probably...) and then completely forgot about them until he reminded me about them again, around level 30... Even then, I didn't really understand why they were so important and kept forgetting to place my talent points

    Today, I'm embarrassed to admit that I once again am in a position where I don't really care or know about my talents. I haven't had the time to read about them, or try different "specs". I mainly picked proc-talents rather than ones you have to activate because I'm likely to forget them anyway. Yeah, I haven't raided in a couple of years and kind of lost my edge since then...

    I'm also embarrassed to admit that I've ALWAYS preferred "equip:"-trinkets rather than "use:"-trinkets for the same reason as above. I just forget.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catalept View Post
    Been playing on my hunter pretty much non-stop since MoP shipped... I still back away from my target if it gets close because, you know, minimum range.
    Haha been there aswell, still kiting the mobs on my lvl 90 hunter for no reason. And i´m BM with spirit beast + 2% heal so no reason to kite really ><

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    i didn't know about the auto loot feature till i was like 60 something xD (back in BC)
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    I literally die every time i see people using literally wrong.

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