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    Upon reaching level 70 on my warrior I specced prot, and used every last gold to buy greenies and enchants to reach the 12.5k hp and 395 def caps. I then wondered why my aggro was bad.

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    When i first started playing wow i was told by a friend that i should aim to be a tank since the server he was on didn't have that many. It took me 2 months of nonstop playing to get to max level (didn't know anything about grey quests) but i finally reached lvl 80 on my paladin and found out that i shouldn't be aiming for gear with agility...

    I had read the tool tip and agi at the time gave both attack power, crit, dodge and armor so it sounded like the obvious choice for a tank. So i got from 1-80 as a protection paladin with shield, one-hand and agi gear, thats pretty embarrassing now and no wonder it took forever.

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    I raided Karazhan for QUITE some time, before I figured that I could actually put stamina gems in yellow/red slots.
    Untill then, I had only gems in my blue sockets, cause I couldn't use any other stats (so I thought).

    Also I uploaded a video in the start of Cata with some PvP, and when I'm looking back now, I'm facepalming myself for SUCH bad PvP skills! Luckily I got better with time

    Last one that comes to mind is when I finally learned Cyclone! I would always open with a Ravage-> Cyclone and then DPS them down after the clone. No idea why I did this, but I was so amused by the spell, that I had to use it all the damn time!

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    Oh yes. I'm also embarrassed to admit that when I first discovered enemy health bars, I hated them and couldn't understand why anyone would want them turned on. I thought they destroyed my whole gaming experience, cluttering the screen and taking away the beauty of the surroundings D:

    Can't play without them today, and if I hear about someone who does, I automatically think they're as big a noob as I was back then.
    When someone asks, “What is best in life?” there’s only one answer: “To crush the newbs, see them driven before me, and read their lamentations on the forums” - Lylirra

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    I'm embarrassed that it's so hard for me to start using macros with modifiers. I just recently started using mouseover macros, really helps a lot with some spells. Glad that I am a quick learner... :3
    Still you don't know how to change your avatar pic :/
    Couldn't hold it back sorry

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    I always freakin' forget my healthstones.

    When I first started playing, I had just come from FlyFF (a Korean grindfest MMO), and gear worked very differently on there. So, when I looked at the gear in WoW, I thought the "Armor" meant I had to be that level to equip it. I remember I had a cloak that had 11 Armor, and I thought I had to be level 11 to use it. It was very frustrating until I just tried to equip something and found out it worked. -.-

    I also ran all the way from Darnassus to Stormwind, the long way, going through the Wetlands and all of that fun stuff. It took four hours. But it's still a fond memory, since I had a guide helping me along on my trek

    Since I've started WoW I've done many insanely stupid things and can't remember most of them. I continue to be a dummy to this day. xD;

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    Vanilla WoW.
    Playing Paladin and up to lvl 30 had a Holy spec while going with a 2h.

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    When I first rolled my lock at the end of 2006, I took up skinning.

    Yes, skinning.

    I thought that skinning would help me level tailoring.

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    Oh I had a lot of fails, who didn't?

    For quite a while I thougth that "damage sustained in the last 5 secs" in the death strike tooltip meant damage done, not taken. Hurray for ambigous words.

    I have soloed/tanked all through lvl 87 using ONE 1hander sword on my blood DK. I thought I only have 2H weapons so I routinely equipped the highest ilvl... but obviously somehow I received a 1hander with a greed roll or something and equipped it by mistake. My damage sucked so hard, I didn't understand why.

    Once in LFR I wondered why my frost strikes cost 35 rp and why my rune regen is so sluggish. I thought frost dks got a nerf and I missed the patch notes. Then I switched on frost presence.

    I've been playing my mage for about one year before I noticed that I can sheep or counterspell mobs that are behind me.

    Died to bunny during a Tillers daily. Got knocked off the mountain

    Farmed Headless Horseman for the tank ring. (there is no such drop)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    • My father who didn't realise talent points even existed until his character level 40+ (nothing in the game tells you!) and might have gone even longer if I hadn't noticed.
    something similar here..
    when I started playing, my first char was a blood elf warlock, and I ragequit when I died many many times in Stromgarde (somewhere around level 22 or so) because I hadn't spent any talent points and still had mostly white gear, therefore I was doing crappy damage, was low on health, and had no idea how to prevent my voidwalker from pulling the whole area.. after a dozen times ressurecting I just logged out and deleted my still-dead belf..

    also after a few months of not playing wow I subbed again (at the launch of MoP) and wanted to queue for a dungeon with my holy pala and just forgot some basics, like seals..

    and of course, always "kinda" funny, when I still had my fishing pole equipped and wondered why my hps was so low.. xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omoidaseba View Post
    Upon reaching level 70 on my warrior I specced prot, and used every last gold to buy greenies and enchants to reach the 12.5k hp and 395 def caps. I then wondered why my aggro was bad.
    Because aggro was very low all across the board in BC?
    Skills barely scaled with anything, tank gear had no str, hit was scarce and exp wasn't introduced until T5.

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    My first character was a rogue... Leveled to lvl 30 or so with only main hand weapon equipped (untill my friend told me that you can put another 1 hand weapon to off-hand, so I used skinning knife, also used white weapons bought from the vendor), ninjaed accidentally all the loot from dungeons (remember trying to use mail armor, and it just said "your character can't use that" and I was like what?), then actually trying to put the mail armor to the mailbox and wondering why it didn't go there... I'm not English and this was a long time ago It was seriously humiliating at times, but it was so much fun!

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    I've played druid since Vanilla and during the Daggers in the Dark scenario, one of our dps died. I was running around in bear and wanted to get him up, then I realised I didn't have Rebirth in my hotbar.

    Quote Originally Posted by TehBlkMage View Post
    I also remember never using any CDs at all because I never knew if I would need them in the upcoming 30s-5m CD that they had.
    I still tend to do this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
    Patience and reason do appear to be in short supply these days in the gaming community.

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    During Vanilla during our first guild run to RFD I rolled on a dagger that I won over our Rogue

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    My little brother got to 80, back in WotLK, on his hunter as melee, with loads of strength gear.

    He only realised the error of his ways when some Swedish guy decided to coach him.

    He used to play during the night (worked day shifts) so I hardly played with him to notice >.<

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    This tier of raiding, I was gearing up to be a druid tank. Got into the first raid and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

    As it turned out, all of my gemming was wrong, my rotation was wrong, and I was essentially dead weight to the group.

    It left such an utter taste of disgust in my mouth that I packed my bags and re-rolled Monk.

    There was also the time when my ex's mom said I couldn't date her anymore because my hunter's DPS was too low. But that's a completely different story.

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    On my first character (A human warrior) I couldn't get past lvl 9 and deleted it. Started a hunter because I could attack from range and it was easier to run away from mobs if stuff went out of hand.
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    When I leveled my warrior during vanilla I just selected weapons that had the highest dps, and spent points on abilities I thought looked cool. I remember the best known pvp warrior laughed at me and calling me a noob when I was dual-wielding Thrash blade and Flurry axe in some kind of mortal strike spec. I then respecced to 2h fury with Brain hacker, a horrible skill tree with a fast weapon. In the end, a kind soul told me about a cookie cutter MS build and I got myself a Ice barbed spear, and things got a lot easier
    Mother pus bucket!

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    I stole the Defias chestpiece from a rogue buddy during early, early, EARLY classic. It was blue and had great stats!
    Of course, I was a warrior.

    Regardless, we became/stayed best ingame buds for 5+ years, until his RL started getting in the way of gaming.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Leveled my druid as feral and hardly ever used animal forms. That's a long time ago though

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