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    I leveld my shaman from 80 to 90 during MoP without realising that lightning shield doesn't have charges anymore and I should have been using it while questing.

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    Considering WoW was really my first PC game, as well as MMO (back in Vanilla). I'm really embarrassed about:

    -Played a shaman during Vanilla, and raided as well with a pretty decent guild. I never figured out that you could target a person to heal, prior to casting the heal on them. I would queue up the heal, and then find that person to click on them, to cast the heal.
    -When I swapped to my rogue for BC, I had no concept of what 'Hit Rating' was, until a good friend helped me out. I guess being a healer is a good excuse for that one.
    -I used to not train skills from my class trainer, for skills I didn't think I needed.
    -I used the shaman Far Sight bug in Arathi Basin to get 5 cap BG wins, before the BG ever started.
    -I fell for the 'If you look through the window behind Golemagg, you can see Ragnaros!' prank.... more than once.
    -I passed on Baron Rivendare's mount in Vanilla, because I thought that since I already had a mount, I couldn't use another.
    -Discovered key binds in BC.

    I think that's enough embarrassment for now. >.>

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    Not knowing avenger's shield silenced for MONTHS while playing a prot pally as an alt.

    I rerolled a monk, spent a lot of time on one on beta, thought I really had it down. Never even *looked* at diffuse magic until our final few attempts on MSV 2nd boss (Feng?) and, well, that was pretty embarrassing as it's an amazingly awesome CD for that fight.

    Running about a dozen dungeons on my prot warrior post 5.0 and not figuring out why heroic throw no longer silenced. (Glyph, now)

    Back in vanilla for MONTHS at level cap I never used slice and dice. Ever. Like it wasn't even on my bars because "WTF I WANT DAMAGE NO SPEED THAT'S SO DUMB!!!oneoneone"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataia View Post
    -I used to not train skills from my class trainer, for skills I didn't think I needed.
    I also did that.. one reason being that I would never use them (like cat skills with my tree), another being that with my druid (first char to reach max lvl with) I bought tons of equip off of the AH and was broke nearly all the other time and had no money to buy the skills xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataia View Post
    -I fell for the 'If you look through the window behind Golemagg, you can see Ragnaros!' prank.... more than once.
    Haha, I got fooled into that too, and I'm a wrathchild... xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    Something really embarrassing, and it happened just yesterday..

    On my way home from work, I drive some 20 miles of highway with nothing but crop fields left and right. The farmers getting the fields winter ready this time around, so there's lots of stuff going on..
    While I was driving, and distracted by a phone call I had going, I've seen some pile laying there on the field... brown dirt....
    And my mind was . OH LOOK, DARK SOIL.... Not that it was bad enough already, but I took the foot from the gas for a moment, to stop and pick it up...
    Bah. Once I was in a boring meeting and thought of casting Psychic Scream to scatter everybody.
    And then I went on thinking what would I do once the effect wore off and everybody aggroed at me; I would shield myself, use Pain Suppression, and so on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarela View Post
    When I started playing I didn't look for stats, just upgraded my gear based on what gave me the biggest armor xD I played a mage.

    A recent one: Apparently the healing mushrooms of druids heal for a ton with low mana cost. I never use them >_<
    Nothing to be embarrassed about with that. 250k (max) healing in 4 GCDs, and only if you have 5+ people on top of all three. Not worth the trouble and time to set them up.

    As for myself, probably playing a resto druid in vanilla with points in the feral tree just so I could get the cat form movement speed buff, even after I got travel form, because I couldn't afford the level 40 mount until level 60.

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    I played Disc PvP in Wotlk. After a month or two I randomly walked by my classtrainer and realised that there was still a rank of Penance I hadn't trained..
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    Mages are balanced. It's just that they aren't balanced for Azeroth.

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    I'm embarrassed to admit that I clicked and keyboardturned for a year.

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    I started playing back in Vanilla. My first character ever was an undead mage. I was doing fine, only the mana bar would empty quite fast and take a long time to refill.
    It could have been faster, but I refused to drink and eat. In fact, I was undead, ever seen a skeleton eat and drink?
    Because of that I didn't even learn the conjure spells thinking it wouldn't help me anyways. I was really happy when I got my first wand which helped to decrease the downtime between an empty mana bar and a full one through natural regeneration. Not to say I needed to be somewhere around level 50 until I joined a guild and found some helpful advice there!

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    I just restarted playing a few weeks ago, but I still try to back up from stuff that gets too close :/ I actually didn't realize I didn't have to for several days.

    I used to confuse Warlocks and Shadow Priests so much, asking the latter for health stones. Then it became sort of a joke and I'd be like, okay no health stones but you still get demons right?

    When I first started, I knew hunters were supposed to mostly use ranged attacks, but I got this cool axe from Gnomeregan and whenever I used it, my axe skill would level up and I thought that was important, so I'd melee stuff sometimes.

    I also end up doing a lot of fights in my chef's hat
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    Quote Originally Posted by furriusmurrius View Post
    Ooh, thats a good one. I learned just the other day that there is apparently a way to circumvent the small 'platforming' section in the beginning because a hunter kept failing at the first jump...the priest was just like "go over there and go the long way around". I didn't say anything in the group but I was like... "...long way? :-/"
    What the... how long has there been a frikking long way??

    My own embarassing admission is probably that when I started playing seriously, in wrath, I leveled my druid in the firm belief that hybrid means "Wear a mix of everything". THen I was accused of ninjaing (rightly so) and a friend explained what hybrid means :P
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    I am embarrassed that i rolled Warrior 7 years ago.....
    When i was starting to play wow. I was like Pala or Warrior hmmmmm I bet plenty of people are playing paladins so i went warrior.
    I was so wrong. Warriors are all over the place. I cant get into any RBGs cos warriors are alrd there...
    I could roll Holy pala and be THE ONE for dungeons raids and PvP. And as warrior you get nerf each patch till you are shit

    Only thing that keeps me playing warrior is that i got my Realm first 80 on it...
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    back when i started. end of bc start of wrath... I stacked armor as a boomkin... didn't even goes a bear just as boomkin =D

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    My very first toon was a Dwarf Hunter. I got him to level 10 and was excited to get my pet! I leveled with my pet till level 21 till something drastic happened...the pet died

    I didn't know how to rez him so...I leveled to 40. Without a pet. In Vanilla.

    Yeah.....yeah >.>

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    When i first started playing, i was a warrior tank, but i didn't relises that there were three tabs of talents to pick from so i didn't have any talents spent in prot till i was about level 56 >.>
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    This not really a shame of the past but it's stupid....

    I don't know why, but I call spirit link totem "tranq totem." I know this is wrong, but my brain just fucks up the nomenclature unless I'm actively thinking about it and forcing my mouth to say the correct name.

    I'm fine naming it in type, probably because that is a little more conscious, but help me if I am calling out raid cooldowns on vent because here comes the nonsensicality.

    Luckily, my raid knows I am dumb by now and realise when I say I'm "dropping tranq" that I mean spirit link and haven't magically morphed into a druid.
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    I leveled my first Shaman spending talents in both elemental and resto trees.

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    Back when living bomb was introduced I thought you could only put it on one target, when I found out you could spam it on every target(before the cap or 3 was added) I was elated.

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    My first toon was a paladin and eventhough I got the concept of how to fight I used a BUNCH of mixed gear for him( at least it was plate) this was back in mid BC also so I didn't know there were specs or talents so I only used the spells I got from training. I so wanted crusader strike and divine storm but never figured out why there were gray...or why it said rank 2 instead of 1 like my other spells. When I hit 68 and the wrath prevent happened I finally understood talents but became a hybrid of dps and heals...cause I really wanted to survive on my own...also I was asked to heal a lot back then and me healing is boring as hell so one night I passed out on a guild run with my hand still moving my char...think tht was the first time I apologized to ppl in the game.
    Also I had no fucking idea what vent,this site,or addons were till Cata....

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