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    I am embarassed that on my offspec I do almost 20k less than the simcraft says I should do, and I can't even understand what I'm doing wrong.
    It's one thing when you do something wrong but you understand what it is.
    It's even more embarassing when not only you suck, but you can't even understand why you suck so much.
    So many good things here ;D

    My first char, and main to this expansion, is a warlock. When i started playing i got the lock quest for the bloodrobe, that require you going to booty bay and back several times.
    So i took the flightpath to orgrimmar, the zep to undercity, and walked all the way down to booty bay, as lvl 30-31, having tons of fun walking through 40-50 zones <.<
    I didn't find any cities with a connected flight path, so i had to do that those 3 times i think you do it.
    I played on my brothers acount, so after i hit lvl 35, i made my own account, and started over again from scratch. Came to lvl 30, and did it all over again. Was first at lvl 60 i realised there was a boat, and what took me many hours, and several deaths, would just have taken me 10-15 minutes overall.

    A fail that isn't mine:
    I met a pug oomkin druid in HC stonecore in cata, that wore agi-gear and did less than 1000 dps. I asked him why he was wearing that?
    He explained that it gave dodge, which was important when he soloed, because the mobs hit him, so he needed the dodge to survive. I tried to explain him that the mobs would die, if he went for some more suiting gear. Also that i was tanking so he wouldn't need to have dodge in the instance, but he didn't believe me ;D
    Still not entirely sure if he trolled or not. He didn't in any way make it obvious, except for the ridicilous dps.
    Everyone has so much to say
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    I keyboard turned in vanillia from MC all the way to naxx that's right I was a hunter too KEYBOARD turning and clicking like a boss <.<

    /cries in a corner and no I've adapted I'm a key bind fanatic now haha

    fyi if the whole clicking thing and keyboard turning works for you do what you want It's not bad if it works for you.
    same thing for me xD, I was a rogue tho, in the end of tbc.. then at the start woltk I already had everything keybinded

    fyi they should just try keybinds... I can't see why they wouldn't like it (/popcorn)
    "We live in a world where a style of play that uses posession and passing to try and make spaces is made fun of.
    While a style of play where a team sits back for 90 minutes and breaks away in 1v1 situations is respected."
    - Ronald Koeman.

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