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    I keyboard turned in vanillia from MC all the way to naxx that's right I was a hunter too KEYBOARD turning and clicking like a boss <.<

    /cries in a corner and no I've adapted I'm a key bind fanatic now haha

    fyi if the whole clicking thing and keyboard turning works for you do what you want It's not bad if it works for you.
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    I was embarrassed I used some healing plate gear on my Tanking warrior back in BC lol. Yup, totally did that.

    I still sometimes don't use seals during progression fights in my new(ish) guild. And I like to mention it every time to remind them of the quality player they recruited.

    Aveline's amazing work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficia View Post
    My Hunter in Vanilla leveled to 46 almost entirely melee.
    this plus i thought armor was the best stat so i was in white vendor gear because the armor was higher O_O
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    On my warrior, who was a casual alt, I'm embarrassed to admit that he was raiding (albeit casually) for almost 6 months before I realized Heroic Strike was off the gcd.
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    During classic i was told you can only buy a mount at lv 60 for a shit TON of gold back then.
    So i was lv 36 or something on my priest and i literally farmed 4 levels in STV tigers for their meat to cook jungle stew so i could sell them (They were selling at 30s, which was a lot for food) to get the gold i need.

    Then i was told don't waste time and just level fast as when i reach lv 50+ mobs drop cash and greys that's more than enough to earn me my gold for the mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    ...i thought armor was the best stat so i was in white vendor gear because the armor was higher O_O
    I did this way back when I played the free trial (back before it was the unlimited free trial). I'd save up all my silver just to buy vendor whites. -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I'm embarrassed to admit I was a relentless troll, serial ganker, and general prick back in TBC.

    Now, tortured by my dark past, I use my knowledge of these evils to fight against them. I'm like the Angel of the Internet.
    You bring a tear to my eye, Zael. There's hope for us all, then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Myobi View Post
    Get real bro, if walkers bite Daryl, they become Daryl's.

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    When I was leveling my first char which is Keilith the warlock actually... I would put up corruption and agony then I had a sword and would auto attack till they died. At the time I though Shadow Boly took to long to cast and cost to much mana while I was scared of life tap.

    So from level 1 to level 40 it was dot dot autoattack everything.

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    I levelled my priest in Classic from 1 to 56 as holy, only ever using shadow word: pain, holy fire, and wanding enemies to death (5/5 wand spec). You should've seen my face when I realized that there was a damage dealing set of talents...

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    I played a mage and only a mage in Vanilla. So TBC comes and we're all on vent during a Kara raid.

    Warrior: "wow, look at that white damage"
    Me: "What's white damage?"
    Guild: "LMAO... mages..."

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    When i first stated, I put a talent point into every tree as I thought that was the best way to do it, I also had grey items till I was about 48, luckily a random player sorted us out and it's a shame I can't remember his name.

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    I am incredibly embarrassed to admit that I only very recently realised that the Watcher's platform (Shattered Walkway), is above Yogg-Saron's room :|.

    -Hangs head in shame-

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    When I first made a hunter I used to dual wield and melee mobs using raptor strike. I got to I think 50 until I started kiting properly.
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    My lock was my first toon and I remember wearing agility cloth while leveling up because I thought agility made you run faster. Why the hell was there ever agility cloth?

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    lets see.....back when i 1st started i was one of the huntards that grabbed spirit and int gear thinkin it would help with mana and arcane shot {wrath area, i stood in the fire...alot...when it came to heals when i first started i thought the faster cast for the heal the better choice it was to use...always...and there's more but that's all im gonna say for now.

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    It took my 3 xpacs to find out that Shamans had Heroism/Bloodlust and not Paladins...

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    Honestly back when I played my shaman I never realized you could both eat and drink at the same time for a very long time. I just logically assumed you couldn't since that's pretty damn hard to do in real life lol. WoW was my first MMO so I had a lot of noob moments back then.
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    This is slightly different, but I feel I need to share. When Cata rolled around, I rolled a resto druid and joined a guild where the guild leader was also a resto druid, and had been one since BC.

    Anyway, we raided BWL, and consistently my healing was probably 75-80% higher than his AND I ended the fight with a huge mana pool while he was oom. I checked Recount, and saw that the majority of my healing came from me spamming Nourish. I then checked his Recount, and he cast Nourish once.

    Ouch, that's a little embarrassing Mr. Guild Master.

    Edit: Just remembered one of my own. I rolled a warlock back in early early early BC and got him to 60 before I learned that warlocks can't make portals. Yikes!

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    So back in TBC when I started playing, as I leveled my Rogue, I never spent Combo Points on finishers at all for the first ~15 levels because I was 100% sure that every single CP you gained could be stored for future usage. Needless to say I was mighty disappointed at how weak my Eviscerate turned out to be when used on the first boss in RFC.

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    First character at beginning vanilla, warlock. Didn't know the power of instant corruption if I put 5 pts into that one in affliction. And I was demo for the first 40 levels when I re-mained a druid for how shitty warlocks are. (those damn rogues in stv!) Which is funny cause demo warlocks get their most powerful spell, soul link at level 40.

    Oh yeah, warlocks dont' stack strength! Those dirty int/str gears cloths =[

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