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    [QUOTE=Zogarth;19333527]Back when i started i needed EVERYTHING that dropped on my first char (paladin). I just nocticed that if i click on the dice things i normally get the loot, and i felt so smart because apparently nobody else had thought of my genius trick. Then in a WC i was called a ninja, and then i thought... HEY! NINJAS ARE COOL! (Think about it... ninjas are cool). So from then every time i joined a dungeon my first thing i said was: "I am a ninja!!!).... Oh god why.

    This made me laugh.....ty.
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    Too many embarrassing moments from my days of wow...I have a knack of joining a guild run in the wrong spec and only noticing during the fight.

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    When I first started playing my first char ever, warrior, I didn't buy him the skill Charge until like lvl 34... -_-
    And when I started raiding as a tank druid in Karazhan I didn't even use a mouse xPP I used both my hands on the keyboard, my left hand on WASD and the very close surrounding keys and my right hand was on the Num pad.... xS Still managed fine with Tab-targeting and keyboard turning DD
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    That i was killed in first 10 minutes of game :P But it's better now

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    Waaay back in pre, it was 2005, i did not fully have a grasp on how the AH worked, so when i put up items i would lower my bid/buyout price because i thought the fee you have to paid was based on your price (as you know, its based on time+quality of item, your price is later taken a AH cut from).

    So yeah, i had no idea, i uploaded items cheaper than i wanted to on AH because i didn't want the goblin taking my money :l At least alot of people got cheap stuff because of me!

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    With my first char, paladin, i leveled up with my friend and here is something:
    He said make a paladin, because he can stun and heal, so i always just stunned quest mobs and healed my rogue playing friend
    I used all items that had stamina, (example. replaced 2 str 2 stamina mail with 3 stamina cloth)
    I took my 1st talents at lvl 62 or so and started to use judgement/crusader strike for the first time
    All the gold i had gotten before lvl 60 , i used to buy a rare quality lvl 50 mace from AH, because it was blue and i could use it/have it
    I leveled mining and skinning only, then i changed to JC and didn't use prospecting before it was 275 level.
    I used mr. smites hammer item for about levels from 15 to 50 (I loved deadmines )
    All these are done at end BC- wotlk release
    I tanked ICC as OT and realised in cata that i had aoe taunt.
    I found out that paladins have buffs at lvl 75+
    If my friend died at leveling, i instantly bubble-hearthed
    Sorry for long post, but i actually enjoy telling all this

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    Played my blood dk alt through whole FL without ever using Empower Rune Weapon

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    During early classic I leveled as a rogue using nothing but sinister strike and eviscerate. I stopped leveling at level 50 to try out other characters more deeply, and when I returned to my rogue I was much better at reading through my spellbook and tooltips to understand my class much better. Great succes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultismash View Post
    So back in TBC when I started playing, as I leveled my Rogue, I never spent Combo Points on finishers at all for the first ~15 levels because I was 100% sure that every single CP you gained could be stored for future usage. Needless to say I was mighty disappointed at how weak my Eviscerate turned out to be when used on the first boss in RFC.
    That's brilliant idea ^_^

    My wife (hardcore raider) only realised she can use tomes to 'forget' talents a week ago. She spoke to class trainer every time she needed to change 1 talent to another for 2 month...
    I survived 2010 Summer in Moscow without leaving city for a single day!

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    Back in Vanilla when leveling my druid I stayed in caster form and leveled by killing mobs using a 2h mace because it felt like the fastest way.
    (I didn't like running back and forth for quests I thought it was a waste of time)

    Oh Btw it was early vanilla and druids were really shitty in those days and the animal forms were extremely squishy.

    Or even better yet, My main a warrior took me 6 months to get to lvl 60 simply because of my refusal to do quests and the fact that after my rested state went away I would stop leveling for the day (3 bars rest per day = about 15 minutes of leveling via kills)

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    Got a few :

    Hunter (first toon ever)
    Meleeing with my hunter in BC.
    WTF is arcane shot?
    But spellpower increases my damage

    Death Knight
    My fail hybrid Blood frost spec in WOTLK... However that lead me to discover an amesome Blood (for the self heals) / unholy (just until i got the prem pet) that i used to solo everything.
    got to level 60 with using any spells other than Death strike, icy touch and plauge strike. Funny thing is i beat another DK in a duel using only those 3. I checked my spellbook after after i saw him throw death coils and other new abilities at me.

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    i'm embarrassed to admit that:
    when ive start healing some dongeon in mop on my resto shamy (main) i didnt knew about the Healing Stream Totem until ive hit lvl 90...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultismash View Post
    So back in TBC when I started playing, as I leveled my Rogue, I never spent Combo Points on finishers at all for the first ~15 levels because I was 100% sure that every single CP you gained could be stored for future usage. Needless to say I was mighty disappointed at how weak my Eviscerate turned out to be when used on the first boss in RFC.
    Several years later, you watched the video of the paladin Reckoning-Bombing Kazzak.
    A single lonely tear rolled down your cheek, and into the dark you whispered;
    "That should've been me."
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    The first time I tried the game (at my friend’s place), I didn’t even know how to accept a quest I was so overwhelmed by the world, like nothing I had ever seen before
    And when me and my brother started playing ourselves, we shared one account. Out first character was a Tauren Warrior. At level 5 or so we tried to travel to Thunder Bluff, but ended up at Wailing Caverns, somehow.
    Got one more. When I was leveling my first high-level character (level 30 -.-), a Night Elf Rogue, I still didn’t know what the stats did, so I stacked all of the stats, including spirit. I remember my excuse was “but everyone needs health in combat”. Wut.

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    My first char was a warrior, at level 12ish I got my first green item. Stats were prob totally off but it was green amirite!!

    Needless to say it broke, and I didn't know you could repair armor so I deleted it :<

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    Something really embarrassing, and it happened just yesterday..

    On my way home from work, I drive some 20 miles of highway with nothing but crop fields left and right. The farmers getting the fields winter ready this time around, so there's lots of stuff going on..
    While I was driving, and distracted by a phone call I had going, I've seen some pile laying there on the field... brown dirt....
    And my mind was . OH LOOK, DARK SOIL.... Not that it was bad enough already, but I took the foot from the gas for a moment, to stop and pick it up...

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    The most embarassing I've done is after a day of failing to get Gold times in Stormstout brewery I suddenly realised I was not wearing anything in my chest armour slot.

    It then dawned on me that I had recently got a new chest piece and it was not saved into my outfitter sets, and we had gone outside about 2-3 hours earlier to comit suicide to reset CD timers, and that I had used outfitter to switch to my repairs set... DOH!

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    When the game was still in beta, I was really happy to get my first staff, as a Chaman.

    This was my first MMORPG, and it made sense to me that staves are for casting spells, right?

    So, not understanding why my character was still wiggling his fingers while casting Lightning Bolt, all the while awkwardly carrying his staff on his back, I submitted a GM ticket, expectinc this to be a bug.

    To be fair, it still makes no sense to me that you can't use your staff for actual casting !

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    My first char was a Tauren in Vanilla and when I was levelling, I was afraid to go to Orgrimmar before levelling past the Barrens, because I thought every next zone will be harder than the previous (Mulgore -> Barrens -> Durotar).
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
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    In addition to being horrible with gold management and a ninja in Wailing Caverns (who wasn't back then?), I am really ashamed to admit that

    -For the longest time, I had a female mage named after a girl I liked in middle school. Stud, right?
    -I was a gold beggar and ended up begging my way to a level 40 mount.
    -I still click things beyond my 1 through = skills

    With 5.0, I spent about a week on my Ret Paladin before I realized the change to Exorcism and Art of War. Wondered why my dps was bad.

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