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Hey so i've just started doing more arena's for gear and lately just haven't been going very well keeping my partner up and myself. We've gotten some pretty bad comps [warr,rogues,shadpriests,locks.hpally] lately but i find myself spamming regrowth in ToL just to keep myself alive or my partner. Is it my gear or just badluck? if we do win we've just scrapped it becaused i've kited long enough for my partner to kill on of the other team.

I think i have gemmed too much spirit and rolling with haste but havent hit the breakpoints yet.

I know my wep/bracers/offhand isnt currently enchanted.

usally do arena's with dk/warr/bm hunter

Ideally i'd like a warlock as a partner but havent been able to find 1 keen.

its hard to give information and explain where i might be going wrong but if any1 has any advice or tips i'd really appreciate it.