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    Are you faithful?

    A curious thought came to me as I sat browsing my list of half finished reputations on my character today. I've recently re-rolled from my main after five long years and I've done so much on my former main that I thought i'd never put in the work again for another but I'm really enjoying playing it.

    Anyway it got me thinking about how many people still play their original character, be it in vanilla or from cata. And not just that but how also many people still play on the same server they started out on.

    I've been on a total of 4 different realms and even changed sides at one point. So is there anyone who can say they are still loyal to their char, their server and yes, even their faction?

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    I started in TBC in I think 2007. The very first character I made was a human warlock. To this day this warlock has been my main, but I will admit during Wrath my DK was my main for a while. To answer your other questions, yes my lock is on the same server and faction.
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    Yes to all three. I've only been in like two guilds on my main over the course of five years, too...

    I admit I take the Alliance as my mistress every now and then on my warrior alt, but not a whole lot. I have a happy home with my main/server/faction.

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    I've fallen away from my original main rogue lately since I transferred my tank to another server and play him almost exclusively now. I'm starting to miss my main, and my alts since they do a lot to support my main and my tank. But there's enough going on with my tank that I don't really feel the urge to go and play my main and get him through all the content and geared, etc. That might be something I'll leave 'til the end of the expansion's cycle, so all the optimal gear is more readily available.

    I've never done anything like faction change or race change. My toons are all, in my mind, characters specific to their race, faction, and class.

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    I'm faithful to my shaman, but I have moved servers a few times.

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    Since Release on Destromath-EU. Played Classic with my Mage then switched to Rogue which i played until today.

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    Same toon, same server, same faction since January 2009. With a few exceptions I've logged on every since day since I first started WoW.
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    All of my early characters, including my first, are long-since deleted.

    I've changed servers at least six times (not counting the first time I was all "Oh I'll try Alliance on a different server" since that was never a main thing).

    I've flip-flopped between Horde and Alliance several times.

    So...nope, not me. :D

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    My very first character was a warlock (2008) on Proudmoore. Then I moved to Twisting Nether, and then was offered a free transfer to my current server. I abandoned my warlock when I found out about paladins in '09. Still playing my paladin.

    So, kinda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivin View Post
    All of my early characters, including my first, are long-since deleted.
    Aww that's sad. I can never bring myself to delete characters past 40 usually. My realm lists are pretty clogged...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokor View Post
    Aww that's sad. I can never bring myself to delete characters past 40. My realm lists are pretty clogged...
    I kind of wish I hadn't, but when Wrath came out I really wanted to use my hunter's (first character) name for my new DK, and I never really played the hunter anymore, so I deleted him to free up the name.

    And then I ended up switching back to a hunter before I even got my DK to 80.

    The rest of them were mostly victims to the 10-character-per-realm restriction and my altoholicism. >.>

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    Same server and same main toon.

    Although I got an appearance change for my main (and in turn a free name change as well). Doesn't look anything like her original self now, and many people I met in Vanilla don't remember me because of the drastic changes of appearance/name, but whatever. At least I know its my 1st character.

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    I don't play my original character. At some point along the way, I got bored of him and tried coming back and failing every time. To be honest, I still have a problem of choosing a main, it's extremely frustrating to me, because I just want to settle on something and progress through the game. When I was on my rogue, I managed to achieve Gladiator 2 times and a slew of PvE achievements, since then I've been moving back and forth between characters and that resulted in me not accomplishing much at all in WotLK and Cata. I don't want a repeat in MoP.

    I've got a DK settled in as a PvE main (Who I made at the start of WotLK, literally on release day, so it makes me glad that I feel attached to it) and a PvP alt. I've got a WW monk set up to be my PvP main and PvE alt.

    I sincerely hope it works out for me. Even if say, Demon Hunters come out next expansion, as long as I've done a lot of meaningful things in MoP, it won't be as big of a deal to switch mains.

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    I am. I've played Darsithis as my main since my first (long deleted) character hit 55. I've never strayed from him. I've raided with him for years, and always focused on him for each expansion.

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    I'm faithful to my main in the sense of never changing him from what he is and what his name is. But I have moved him off my old server.


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    I still log onto my original character from time to time (Human Paladin), mainly to see how the changes brought by Cata and MoP effected them. I stopped playing them back during Cata after getting through the Uldum zone, and eventually went back to playing them in order to try out the Firelands dailies and finally finish off the Cata zones with them by completing Twilight Highlands. Otherwise, though, I barely touch them these days. They have, however, remained on the same server/faction this whole time.

    Meanwhile, the second character I made, an Undead Death Knight, I played the most throughout Cata (they're who I played after my paladin finished Uldum) and it was actually finishing Twilight Highlands and trying out the Firelands dailies with them that made me want to go back and try my paladin for awhile, though I did eventually go back to my DK after also finishing the aforementioned with my paladin. On the flipside, I not only server-changed them (brought them over to the same server as my pally) but faction changed them as well (they are are now a Night Elf Death Knight).

    So...mostly unfaithful? I guess?

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    Nah, definitely not.
    Started playing in TBC, mained a draenei shadow priest and raided some, didn't even make it to BT.
    Rerolled tauren druid on another server just before Wrath came out, tanked Naxx.
    Rerolled tauren shaman on the same server, played ele/resto in Naxx/Ulduar/ToC.
    Rerolled blood elf paladin. Transferred all my characters to another server. Played holy paladin in ICC/RS.
    Went back to my shaman in Cata, racechanged to troll and played ele the entire expansion.
    Rerolled troll priest for MoP and has so far raided as holy, shadow and disc (mostly disc). This priest has had 2 name changes, 3 race changes and 1 server transfer.
    So erm, what does faithful mean?

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    i only "rerolled" 3 times ever, my first character ever was a druid back in 2005 then i rerolled to a shaman then a paladin, i still have the paladin as my main

    of course i have alts, 10 of them besides my pally! but the only character i classify as my main will still be a paladin

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    Nope, I've never been strictly playing one character, it's always been kind of established that I play multiple characters through each given season for variety.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    For lack of a better term, I blow with the wind. If I'm not having fun then I change things until it starts again. Spec. Class. Faction. Server. Doesn't matter if I'm not having fun.
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