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    Looking for a certain transformation item.

    Hi my name is wikkr and i have a problem. I am addicted to transformation items. Items that change the size/form of my toon. I recently came across someone in a party who before my very eyes transformed into Mr Sneed (think thats his name) the tauren dude that used to guard the gangplank to the giant defias ship in the deadmines back in the day. He turned into an exact duplicate and the sound file "Avast ye swabs! Repel the invaders" played. I have ran deadmines so many times in the hope that it was a drop from there like the doctors bag from scholo but have yet to see anything.

    Does anyone know what caused this cool transformation and how another player could acheive it?

    P.S. Any other rare transformy items ye know of would be appreciated too. i have numerous but always on the lookout
    Hi, My name is Wikkr and im an Altoholic

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    Mr. Smite's Brass Compass

    It drops from a rare elite in Pandaria.

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    The item you speak of is Mr. Smite's Brass Compass, dropped by the rare spawn Yoril Sharpeye, in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (who, based on the items nearby and his weaponry and attire, I think IS Mr. Smite).

    I would suggest looking over the rare trinkety/toy item drops from the Mists of Pandaria rarespawns. There is ALOT there.
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    you have all made my day! thankyou!
    Hi, My name is Wikkr and im an Altoholic

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