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    shekzeer normal Qs

    Our 25m guild had a litte setback this week so we couldnt progress on Unsok 25 so we went with 10 man to try to clear hof asap. We have had Unsok down before on 10s and had a few nice tries on Shek. Closest one was at 19% with half of the raid dead from the diss field right before transition (healing cd misuse).
    Im wondering, as enhance sham POV, does Tremor totem nullify the dot ticks on that ability that fears 2 guys after 4 sec? I didnt remember to check that last night.
    Also, we had that one really good try but also some tries where the other Reaver was at around 30-40% when ph2 ended. Is it normal to have it this high?

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    I don't know about tremor totem.

    Reavers should be a non-issue. Gather the pools up and drop reavers into the traps AFTER windblades are dead, so they don't free them. Then just sit around and let healers regen mana while the traps kill the reavers.

    Sounds like you guys have it right for the most part. Good luck!

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    Got her last night yeah. Mainly with Reavers we had the trouble of making 2 traps in time. On our kill (not much of a clean one ;p ) we had 2 traps for the first time in the fight. The main problem last night was healers going OOM at ph3. I had to do quite a lot of off-healing but we made it!
    Checked Tremor, you still take the first 30~k tick but not more, if anyone's interested.

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