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    MW healing tip: Healing Sphere

    Healing Spheres:
    Widely, WIDELY underated. Completely overpowered.
    In my monks gear they sustain 161.4K single target HPS (assuming no overhealing obv) while costing 12k mana/s. In the current environment of infinite mana, they are beyond broken. I have yet to test them after the 30% cost increase, so I can't say whether it's still possible or not, but tank healing with them is very very effective w/o breaking the bank (mana). Try it out. Though it probably won't stay this strong for long.

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    It didnt get hit by the 30% mana nerf
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    Talk about a super exciting gameplay

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    50k heals for 6k mana with a 0.5 gcd at the cost of not gaining chi are sick!
    much better for saving tanks than surging mist, if you aren't already channeling soothing mist.
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    the only time i find them reliable or useful are for spamming myself up quickly. I can't QUICKLY heal a tank or dps in an emergency by finding them then trusting they will stand still. The only time you'd need that sort of healing is in an emergency so soothing>surging would be fast and much more reliable

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    if you spawn them straight on people and the start moving they will get it anyway.

    if they are moving in a direction and put it in their track by a melee distance they still get it, its fairly forgiving.

    On the ptr I healed a whole instance of scrub with healing sphere because it is fucking more mana efficient than all the monk's healing spell, and probably better hps. so easy to heal melee since its semi-smart heal (auto heal wounded target but doesn't touch full health target) which makes it impossible to overheal for the whole sphere.

    monk healing is pretty garbage though. crappy target overpowered sphere or crappy cast-time/channeling spells. the only reason it got out of hands was renewing mist and uplift so they decided to nerf everything. was fun while it lasted i guess.

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    I used them a lot when I was capping conquest points for some 483 gear and they're really strong bursty heals but they drain your mana so fast and no mana tea stacks gained. =/

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    What I mean is pre-Nov29 mana nerf I was able to sustain all my AoE healing and had oodles and oodles of mana, so I spent the extra mana on healing spheres. They are by far the most expensive spell we have aside from surging mist(12k/s), but it destroys surging in terms of HPS and HPM so...no reason not to use them if you can. Yes they are annoying to use, but they've been buffed into broken-ness. Partly because of their buffs, but LARGELY because everything else has been nerfed into the ground Lol.

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    Away from raids, i always have a line of spheres next to me, cuz if i ever get crowded up and focused, torpedoing through them gives me a nifty 160k heal (factoring torpedo heal) Better n having to feign off multiple silences and interrupts.

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