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    Weapon dps vs pvp power?

    I got thinking, is there a point where a weapon with higher dps becomes better than a pvp power stacked weapon? If so which point? Kinda a heavy theorycraft question.

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    i'm totaly not into theorycrafting ,
    butt i'm like 99% sure t1 weapon is 10x better then hc sha mase with a 500 strenght gem specialy since its just been buffed
    also lack of res on sha mase would make us even more squishy

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    I am trying to justify blowin conquest to upgrade the t1 pvp weapon, after only just doing so with a sha weapon and valor. I like upgrades. haha
    Hearing that was enough, just curious.

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    So for now, I wonder which one is better for pvp: my ilvl498 Tyr Glad 2hander or my 530 PvE 2hander (Uroe)?
    6200 pvp power versus 32 itemlevel (+1600 dps)

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    Ehm never, since all gear gets scaled down anyway? you could have a 6000000 il 2hander and it still won't be better, use the pvp one.
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    Necroing old threads with outdated information is bad.

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