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    Few shadow priest PVE questions.

    I cannot find straight answers nor ones Im looking for, I have a few questions.

    Twist of fate, when should it be used and does it have an internal cooldown? If it does how long is the CD.

    What is your opener? Like for burst fights where you want to go balls to wall off the hop. On Elegon I can push 180k, and other fights 111k. ( Normal) for the first minute what do you usually go about doing?

    Pretty much, on a burst fights what talents do you spec into, and what is your opener.

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    Twist of Faith doesn't have an internal cooldown.
    Here's a link to a guide for 10M heroic talent choices in this tier; http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2192
    For opening burst there's not much to do really. It's just your normal rotation, but start with 3 orbs if possible. Pop shadowfiend out.

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    If you want to deal burst damage as a shadow priest you're going to have a bad time.

    Cham already linked a guide for talent choices, it's pretty straightforward.

    You shouldn't be saving anything unless it's super important to have more burst, ie getting 3 orbs and waiting for another spark on elegon instead of using it on the boss.

    The longer a fight goes on the higher you're damage is going to get compared to other classes, our sustained damage makes up for our lack of burst and cd's.

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    it's nice to track your trinket ICDs... you have 6-7 seconds after you have 3 orbs before you need to dump your devouring plague and mindblast again, and if you have 5 or less seconds on an icd it's worth holding it. also, on fights where you use shadowfiend rather than mindbender, it's nice to track your int procs/trinkets as the cooldown is so long. i generally don't hold mindbender more than 2 seconds for an int proc (usually only do this if i have zero procs and jade spirit is down, just because jade spirit is up so much nowadays) just because mindbender's cooldown is so short that the extra 10% or so you might cheese from an int proc gets swallowed up at the end of the fight if it's still on cooldown when the boss is dying.

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