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Thanks Faithh, I don't know much about overclocking but I presume the processor will be fine? How will loading times be with games with these specifications?
Just in short words. The key about overclocking is -> voltage. Every chip is different, every chip will require less or more voltage for a certain overclock.

Basically there's something called FSB (BCLK) x multiplier = Cpu clock. For example, 100MHz FSB x 43 = 4300MHz/4.3GHz

The point is that you stay below the maximum recommended voltage which is 1.4V.

Also you need better cooling before overclocking.

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You can go to 4.3 on the 3820 with the multiplier! Great build!
Nope. 38 x 125MHz -> 4.6GHz

Remind the 3820 & 3960x are the only models which have an unlocked bclk because they use the clocktimer on the MB. All others are using or having the clocktimer in the cpu byitself and that's the reason why the bclk can't be 3MHz pushed.