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    Druid - Shapeshifting problems?

    I just logged onto my Druid before. Everything was ok. I shape shifted into bird form and flew out to dueling area outside SW. Once upon my arrival I saw someone who i wanted to duel and i tried to shapeshift in boomkin form. Nope "you're already shapeshifted" I thought that was weird so i tried forming out of bird form and nope. "you're already shapeshifted".

    I then went to log out and back in. It was working fine, then I activated I boomkin form first, just to make sure. I then tried to shapeshift into bear form and nope. "You're already shapeshifted"

    Is anyone else having this problem or is just me?

    EDIT: I have normal blizzard UI

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    Saw that the other night. Couldn't cast anything either (since a cast in flight form will drop you to caster form). Log out, log in, fine. Weirdest thing.

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    I think its a problem with CRZ, I was getting that whenever I landed on a taxi flight and immediately shapeshifted to flightform, waiting a few seconds solved it. Next time you land watch the npcs around you they fade out and back in again, thens its ok to shapeshift, also if you stuck in shapeshifted form just enter a rested area, this seemd to fix it for me a few times.

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    Had the same problem a few days ago, I think i just right clicked the shapeshift buff off and i was able to shift into all forms

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    That happened to me before too. Got stuck in flight form and couldn't shift out even though my UI didn't show the flight form buff. Logging out fixed it though. Last night I was doing a group quest in Netherstorm and ended up perma-shifted in Moonkin Incarnation long after the fight was over. Had no problem shifting out of it though on that one.

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    I have been getting in combat bugs but not this yet.
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    got that bug too. was doing some quests in KW, trying to shapeshift ang getting msg "you're already shapeshifted" (I was in combat back then). And the same solution - just relogged and it helps

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    Yeah I've had that happen to me a few times, i dont know if its an addon or not

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