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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    No, just no...
    Kinda surprised that "no just no" comments don't constitute trolling and are still passable by mods.
    Take a break from politics once in awhile, it's good for you.

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    But, the matter is still in play, if it is not the whole crystal, but a part of it, why would a naaru even tempt to give something to a lock (%name = hero) when locks are known to fail when they are given something immensely powerful? By fail, i mean become so corrupt that they either become demons themselves, or casts a portal to open up gateway to the legion to let them through, or just such so bad, just like wilfred fizzlebang.
    Well they gave us the other shards and sent us to the Arkatraz and into the black temple. Both missions could very well have failed and the shards could have landed in the hands of the bad guys.

    So yes, the Naaru has to trust %name, warlock, even though the naaru supposedly forbade felarcane to draenai. Pshh draenai are not the chosen people anymore. it isthe warlocks.
    I don't remember that. We as a people decided not to be used by Sargeras and as such said no to the corrupted energies they use. Frankly I feel that the Naaru don't really care how we defeat the enemy, as long as the job gets done. They gave warlocks the other two shards as well, you know?

    BTW Neither the warlocks nor the Draenei are any sort of "chosen people". The alliance with the Scrycers proves that the naaru welcome everybody who wants to stand against the legion. The Aldor merely were a little jealous / distrusting of the Sin'dorei after they had been attacked multiple times.

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    eh whatever they do funky stuff

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